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Sep 18 – 23, 2016
IHEP, Beijing: http://www.ihep.cas.cn/
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Here are the published proceedings:


All talks and posters will be written up for publication in Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings. We very much hope that all speakers and authors of posters will submit papers so that we are able to publish the complete proceedings of the Workshop. Contributions should be prepared in accordance with the following instructions from the editors of the journal:

A template package is available from here

or the following link: http://www.elsevier.com/inca/publications/misc/ecrc-nuphbp-p1.zip 

Papers must be written in good English and should comply with the standards imposed by the publisher. Please ensure that figure captions do not have any references to color as figures are printed B/W. The reason is that color references will not have any relevance in print. It is highly recommended that papers be checked by colleagues for both physics and English, and be put through a spell-checker, before submission to the proceedings editors, C.Z. Yuan (yuancz@ihep.ac.cn), X.H. Mo (moxh@ihep.ac.cn) and L.L. Wang (llwang@ihep.ac.cn). The editors will read all papers and may request changes if they believe that a submission does not satisfy the editorial requirements of the journal.

The maximum number of pages including figures and tables are:

•4 pages for common talks

•6 pages for review and summary talks

•3 pages for posters

Papers cannot be accepted if they exceed these limits, otherwise the corresponding authors will be asked to shorten them. The LaTeX file and the pdf/eps figure file(s) together with the complete pdf/postscript file of the entire paper should be sent by e-mail as attachments to the proceedings editors: C.Z. Yuan (yuancz@ihep.ac.cn), X.H. Mo (moxh@ihep.ac.cn) and L.L. Wang (llwang@ihep.ac.cn). The deadline for submitting the proceeding is Nov. 25, 2016. We have to keep this date strictly in order to reduce the publication time. The publication of contributions received after this date cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.