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18-23 September 2016
IHEP, Beijing: http://www.ihep.cas.cn/
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 85

upname institution position city country/region
Mr. 李, 成飞 College of Science, National University of Defense Technology   Changsha China
Dr. ZHU, Kai 高能所   Beijing China
Dr. ZHOU, Shun 高能所   Beijing China
Prof. ZHAO, Zhengguo USTC Professor of Physics Hefei, Anhui China
Dr. ZANZI, Daniele the University of Melbourne   Melbourne Australia
Prof. YUE, Chong-Xing Department of Physics, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian,   Dalian China
Mr. YUAN, Changzheng IHEP, Beijing   Beijing China
Ms. YU , Dan IHEP   Beijing China
YOSHINOBU, Toshiki Niigata univ.   Niigata city Japan
Mr. XU, Jilei IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. XU, Donglian University of Wisconsin - Madison PostDoc Madison United States
Mr. WU, Chen Osaka University   Ikeda Japan
Dr. WONG, Chan Fai Sun Yat-Sen University   Macao Macao, China
Prof. WAS, Zbigniew IFJ PAN   Cracow Poland
Mr. WANG, Yaqian KPH   Mainz Germany
Mr. WANG, Liangliang IHEP, Beijing   Beijing China
Prof. WANG , Zhiyong 高能所   Beijing China
Prof. THOMAS, jennifer UCL Prof london United Kingdom
Dr. TEUBNER, Thomas University of Liverpool   Liverpool United Kingdom
Mr. SHIMIZU, Nobuhiro The University of Tokyo   Hachioji Tokyo Japan
Prof. SHEN CHENGPING, 沈成平 Beihang University   Beijing China
SEINO, Yoshiaki Niigata University   Niigata Japan
Dr. SATO, Yutaro High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies   Tsukuba Japan
Mr. SASAKI, Junya The University of Tokyo   Tokyo Japan
Mr. RUAN, Manqi IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. RONGGANG, Ping 高能所   Beijing China
Dr. ROIG, Pablo Cinvestav, Mexico   Mexico City Mexico
Mr. RODRÍGUEZ, Antonio IFIC (CSIC-Univ Valencia)   Valencia Spain
Dr. REECE, Ryan University of California Santa Cruz   Santa Cruz, CA United States
Dr. REDMER, Christoph Florian Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz   55128 Mainz Germany
PASSEMAR, Emilie Indiana University/JLab   Bloomington United States
Prof. PAOLONE, Vittorio University of Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh United States
OKI, Hiroshi RIKEN BNL Research Center   Upton United States
Prof. O'NEIL, Dugan Simon Fraser University   Maple Ridge, BC Canada
Dr. NICHOLSON, Caitriana IHEP - Chinese Physics C   Beijing China
Mr. NEHRKORN, Alexander RWTH Aachen University   Aachen Germany
Dr. MOYOTL-ACUAHUITL, Agustin CINVESTAV Posdoctoral Researcher Mexico, D.F. Mexico
Dr. MOTT, James Boston University   Boston United States
Prof. MO XIAOHU, Xiaohu IHEP,Beijing   Beijing China
Mr. MAO, Zaixing Brown University   Providence United States
Dr. MANDAGLIO, Giuseppe University of Messina Senior Researcher Messina Italy
Prof. MALTMAN, Kim York University   Toronto Canada
Dr. MA, Jian-Ping Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, Beijing   北京 China
Dr. LUSIANI, Alberto Scuola Normale Superiore assistant professor Pisa Italy
Prof. LU, Cai-Dian 高能所   beijing China
Mr. LU HAOQI, Lu 高能所   Beijing China
LI, Zepeng Duke University   Durham United States
Prof. LI, Xin-Qiang Central China Normal University   Wuhan China
Dr. LIU, YongLu College of Science, National University of Defense Technology   Changsha China
Dr. LIU, Minghui University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Mr. LI, Qiang Harbin Institute of Technology   Harbin China
Prof. LINK, Jonathan Center for Neutrino Physics, Virginia Tech   Blacksburg United States
KUEHN, Johann KIT   76131 Karlsruhe Germany
Dr. KOMATSU, Masahiro Nagoya University   Nagoya Japan
Mr. JIN, Yifan the University of Tokyo   Tokyo Japan
IZUBUCHI, Taku Brookhaven National Laboratory   Upton, NY United States
HUANG, Guangshun University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
HIROSE, Shigeki Nagoya University Graduate student Nagoya Japan
Mr. GRIESSINGER, Konrad Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz   Mainz Germany
Prof. GRADL, Wolfgang Institute of Nuclear Physics, Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz   Mainz Germany
Mr. GONZÀLEZ-SOLÍS, Sergi Institute of Theoretical Physics-Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
GOLTERMAN, Maarten San Francisco State University professor San Francisco, CA 94132 United States
Dr. GIUNTI, Carlo INFN   Torino Italy
Dr. GALEA, Cristina Nikhef/RU Nijmegen   Nijmegen Netherlands
ESCRIBANO, Rafel Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona   Bellaterra (Barcelona) Spain
EROFEEV, Andrei Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
EPIFANOV, Denis Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Prof. EIDELMAN, Simon Budker Institute and Novosibirsk State University   Novosibirsk 630090 Russian Federation
DODD, Laura University of Wisconsin-Madison   DURHAM United States
Mr. DE BRUYN, Kristof CPPM   Marseille France
Dr. DAVIGNON, Olivier Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet, Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS-IN2P3 Postdoctoral Researcher Palaiseau Cedex France
Prof. DAVIER, Michel LAL-Orsay   91898 Orsay France
Dr. CHEREPANOV, Vladimir RWTH Aachen   Aachen Germany
Prof. CHEN, Shenjian Nanjing University Prof Nanjing China
Dr. CHAKRABORTY, Bipasha Jefferson Lab Post-doc Newport News United States
Dr. CAO, Fu-Guang Massey University   Palmerston North New Zealand
Prof. BRAVAR, Alessandro University of Geneva   Geneve Switzerland
Dr. BOYKO, Igor Joint Institute for Nuclear Research   Dubna Russian Federation
Dr. BOITO, Diogo Instituto de Física de São Carlos - Universidade de São Paulo Professor São Carlos Brazil
Dr. BOGOMYAGKOV, Anton BINP   Novosibirsk, 630090 Russian Federation
Mr. BOBROV, Alexander Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
BANERJEE, Swagato University of Louisville   Louisville United States
Mr. ARROYO, Marco Benemérita universidad autónoma de Puebla   Puebla Mexico
Prof. ACHASOV, Nikolay Sobolev Institute for Mathematics Head of Laboratory of Theoretical Physics Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Mr. ACHASOV, Mikhail BINP, Novosibirsk   Novosibirsk Russian Federation