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15-19 August 2016
Shandong University, Weihai
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Weihai is a city in eastern Shandong province, China.

We could entrust a travel service company to arrange an excursion right after the Collaboration Meeting (August 20,2016).The fees will be paid by yourself. The possible sightseeing lines are:(at least 20 people in the group)

  • Line A: Liugong Island Tour

     Price:  About 158 CNY /person include Liugong Island tickets

  • Line B: Chengshan Scenic Area Tour

     Price:  220 CNY/ person include Chengshan Scenic Area tickets and lunch

More information:

Shandong (Chinese: 山东), is a coastal province of the People's Republic of China. Main attractions are Qufu (the birthplace of Confucius), Mount Tai (the most climbed mountian in China), Qingdao (nice port city with beaches) and Yantai (holiday city with lots of European buildings). The capital, Jinan, is a beautiful city known for it's springs and lakes. It is also a transport hub.

Example Fast Train:

Beijing - Jinan   2h, many every day

Beijing -  Weihai  6:14h, a few

Jinan - Weihai  4h, a few

Jinan - Qufu  0.5h, many

Jinan - Tai Mount, 0.5h, many

Beijing - Xi'an   5-6h,  a few

Beijing - Shanghai 6h, many