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7-12 August 2017
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Accepting Proceedings Submission and Deadline is EXTENDED to March 31, 2018

Guangzhou is very well connected by air, land, and water and Sun Yat-Sen University is a popular destination in Guangzhou. Our venue is the Sun Yat-Sen University Kaifeng Hotel (in Chinese, 中山大学凯丰酒店 or 中大学人馆 for short) on campus near the North Gate. 

To plan your trip, use your favorite travel agents or you can use this popular Chinese online agent, http://english.ctrip.com.

Here we provide the instructions on the most popular two airports you will probably end up using, the land connections if you are in China already for any reaons, and ways to get around in Guangzhou.


  • Plenary: Multi-Function Hall of Sun Yat-Sen University Kaifeng Hotel
  • Poster: Third Floor Meeting Rooms of Sun Yat-Sen University Kaifeng Hotel

Two major international airports:

  • Baiyun airport (CAN), Guangzhou
    • http://www.gbiac.net/en/byhome, ~45km away​, the ​​ost convenient one naturally
    • Take a taxi to SYSU (about RMB150). The ride takes about one hour w/o traffic
    • Take the Airport Express Bus and continue with a taxi: Take the Airport Express Bus (about RMB30) to the New Pearl River Hotel (Metro Line 6) or to Guangzhou Textile Exchange Park (Metro Line 10), get off and take a taxi (RMB10) tothe South Campus of SYSU.
    • Take the metro at Airport South Station to SYSU (RMB ~12): First take Line 3 (Airport S. to Tiyuxi Road) to the Tiyuxi Road Station then transfer to another Line 3 (Tianhe Coach Terminal to Panyu Square) and get to the Kecun Station,then transfer to Line 8 (towards Fenghuang Xincun). Get off at Lujiang Station (for SYSU North Gate) or at Sun Yat-Sen University Station (for SYSU South Gate).
  • Hong Kong airport (HKG), Hong Kong
    • http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/index.html, public transportations available, ~4 hours away by land, or land+water via Shekou Port in Shenzhen
    • Border-Crossing Trains: The HK-Guangzhou Express connects Hung Hom (红磡) Train Station in Hong Kong with Guangzhou East Station in Guangzhou. The price is about HKD190-230. You can find out the schedule and fare of the train from Hung Hom station to Guangzhou here: http://www.it3.mtr.com.hk/b2c/frmIndex.asp?strLang=Eng. Basically there is a train every hour, and the trip from HK to Guangzhou East is about 2 hours. You can buy the ticket on-line.
    • Buses: There are a few limo/bus companies from the airport to Guangzhou. Follow the sign “Transportation to Mainland”and there are several coach companies providing such services. Tickets cost about HKD230-250. You will be taken to your buses by the staffs at the airport but, unfortunately, there is no English information from the website of the bus company and English service after you board the bus is not guaranteed any more. These buses stop at a few major connection points in Guangzhou and they vary from company to company. Not suggested to people who don’t speak Chinese but quite convenient for people who do: http://ctsbus.hkcts.com/routes/air/air-index.html. Most buses would stop at Tianhe (Jinnan University), which might be the most convenient to SYSU
    • Metro + Trains (transfer at the border): Use the metro system in Hong Kong to Luohu Station first. Then cross the border to Mainland and you are in Shenzhen. You can use the bullet trains connecting Luohu Station Shenzhen and Guangzhou East. It takes ~80-90 minutes and runs every 15-20 minutes. Walk to the Guang-Shen ticket counter (follow the signs) and buy a Guangzhou-Shenzhen express ticket with your passports.
    • Water (only recommended to explorers): There is a ferry service to Guangzhou Nansha from Hong Kong Airport but on Thursdays and Saturdays only, http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/transport/transport-connection-with-mainland-china/ferry-transfer/ferry-schedule/ferry-schedule.html. From Nansha, you can use a taxi or the metro system of Guangzhou to SYSU.

Land connections to Guangzhou (within China):

  • Bullet train: Guangzhou East Station
  • China Railway High-speed (CRH): Guangzhou South Station

Within Guangzhou:

  • Taxi service is very convenient in Guangzhou. An available Taxi displays a red sign of "空车(Empty)" near the front windshield. Please keep the printed invoice when you get off so that you can contact the taxidriver or the taxi company in case of any problems.
  • Our address is: "广州市海珠区新港西路135号中山大学" in Chinese and the nearest metro stations are Lu Jiang or Sun Yat-Sen University Station on Line 8.