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5-9 May 2017
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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A dynamic study on 5-quark systems in chiral quark model.


  • Mr. Gang YANG

Primary authors



The pentaquark $P_c^+(4380)$ and $P_c^+(4450)$ have been just observed in the decay of $\Lambda_b^0$, $\Lambda_b^0\rightarrow J/\Psi K^-P$ by the LHCb collaboration in 2015. The interesting in 5-quark systems is revived again just followed the report of $\Theta^+$ in 2003. Based on these facts, a dynamic study on 5-quark systems is performed in chiral quark model with the help of Gaussian expansion method(GEM). A review on the non-strangeness part of 5-quark systems, along with the $sssu\bar{u}$, $sssd\bar{d}$ systems with all possible quantum(I,J) in negative parity are presented. Five $\Omega_c^0$ excited states($\Omega_c(3000)^0, \Omega_c(3050)^0, \Omega_c(3066)^0, \Omega_c(3090)^0, \Omega_c(3119)^0$) discovered also by the LHCb experiment, recently, is investigated in the framework of $sscu\bar{u}$, $sscd\bar{d}$.