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21-26 May 2017
Beijing International Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 317

name upinstitution position country/region
Ms. 马, 兰馨 高能所   China
Mr. 张, 海琼 高能所   China
张, 永鹏 高能所   China
Mr. ZHU, Kejun 高能所   China
Mr. ZHAO JINGZHOU, Jingzhou 高能所   China
Mr. ZHANG, Yinhong 高能所   China
Ms. YANG, Yuzhen 高能所   China
Dr. YAN, Baojun 高能所   China
Mr. XIAO, LIANG 高能所   China
Dr. QIN, Zhonghua 高能所   China
Mr. NING, Zhe 高能所   China
Mr. LU, Haoqi 高能所   China
LOU, Shiyu 高能所   China
Prof. LIU, Zhen-an 高能所   China
Mr. LIU, Zhao 高能所   China
Dr. LIQJ@IHEP.AC.CN, qiuju 高能所   China
Dr. LI, Xiaohui 高能所   China
Ms. JIA YINGHUA, Yinghua 高能所   China
Mr. 张, 磊 陕西迪泰克新材料有限公司   China
Mr. 马, 毅超 陕西科技大学   China
Prof. 崔, 树旺 河北师范大学   China
李, 子佳(Justin Lee) 北京科维泰信科技有限公司 Beijing Conveyi Limited 经理 General Manager China
江, 加丽 北京师范大学   China
Mrs. 陈, 彦丽 中国科学技术大学   China
Dr. 于, 莉 中国科学技术大学   China
Mr. 吴, 沁宇 上海交通大学物理系   China
Mr. KUONEN, Axel École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL   Switzerland
Ms. GUO, Lehui Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS Student China
Dr. CHEN, Ping Xi'an Institute and Optics Precision Mechanics of CAS   China
Mr. VAMI, Tamas Almos Wigner RCP   Hungary
Dr. BRESSLER, Shikma Weizmann Institute of Science   Israel
FLEURY, Julien Weeroc SAS   France
Mr. WANG, Hongkai Utrecht University   Netherlands
Ms. MIN, Li USTC   China
Dr. MARCINIEWSKI, Pawel Uppsala University   Sweden
Dr. BENOIT, Mathieu Université de Genève Senior scientist Switzerland
Dr. ABELLAN, Carlos University of Zurich   Switzerland
Dr. BARRIA, Patrizia University of Virginia   United States
Dr. AMOROSO, Antonio University of Turin and INFN   Italy
Mr. TAKEMASA, Kenichi University of Tsukuba Postdoctoral Fellow Japan
Dr. KIM, Shinhong University of Tsukuba Professor Japan
Mr. KAWAMURA, Yota University of Tsukuba   Japan
Prof. HARA, Kazuhiko University of Tsukuba   Japan
Mr. 齐, 心成 University of Science and Technology of China   China
Dr. 张, 云龙 University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. 张, 光宇 University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. YIN, Weigang University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. YANG, Dongxu University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. WANG, Baochen University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. MA, Siyuan University of Science and Technology of China   China
Prof. LIU, Jianbei University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. LIU, Hongbin University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. LI, CHENG University of Science and Technology of China   China
Mr. LI, Chao university of science and technology of china   China
HE, Zhou University of Science and Technology of China   China
Dr. FENG, Changqing University of Science and Technology of China Associate Prof. China
Dr. CAO, Zhe University of Science and Technology of China   China
Prof. BERTUCCI, Bruna University of Perugia   Italy
Prof. FOSTER, Brian University of Oxford Donald H. Perkins Professor of Experimental Physics United Kingdom
Mr. MENG, FANBO University of Notre Dame (US)   China
Dr. GIORDANO, Raffaele University of Naples and INFN   Italy
Dr. DI CAPUA, Francesco University of Naples and INFN Researcher Italy
Mr. CASSINA, Lorenzo University of Milano Bicocca   Italy
Prof. ZHU, Junjie University of Michigan Associate Professor of Physics United States
BARBERIO, Luigia Elisabetta University of Melbourne   Australia
Dr. HAUGHTON, Iain University of Manchester   United Kingdom
Mr. BUCKLAND, Matthew University of Liverpool   United Kingdom
BILKI, Burak University of Iowa / Beykent University   Switzerland
Prof. VARNER, Gary University of Hawaii   United States
Dr. VORMWALD, Benedikt University of Hamburg, Institute of Experimetal Physics   Germany
Mr. VICENTE, Mateus University of Geneva PhD student Switzerland
Dr. PERRINA, Chiara University of Geneva   Switzerland
Mr. PAOLOZZI, Lorenzo University of Geneva   Switzerland
Dr. GARCIA ARGOS, Carlos University of Freiburg Postdoctoral Researcher Germany
CODERRE, Daniel University of Freiburg   Germany
JAEGLE, Igal University of Florida   United States
Dr. WANG, Boqun University of Cincinnati   United States
XU, Boruo University of Cambridge   United Kingdom
Mr. ANTRIM, Daniel University of California, Irvine   United States
Dr. WANG, Jingbo University of California, Davis Postdoc United States
Dr. CODISPOTI, Giuseppe University of Bologna   Italy
Prof. EIGEN, Gerald University of Bergen   Norway
Prof. THOMAS, jennifer University College London   United Kingdom
Dr. CASCELLA, Michele University College London   United Kingdom
Prof. MARIAGRAZIA, Alviggi University and INFN, Napoli professor Italy
Dr. AIELLI, Giulio University and INFN of Roma Tor Vergata   Italy
Mrs. CAMPLANI, Alessandra Universita' degli Studi di Milano PhD student Italy
Prof. BIZZETI, Andrea Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and INFN Associate Professor Italy
Prof. HAYAMA, Kazuhiro U. Tokyo   Japan
Mr. 郭, 磊 Tsinghua University   China
Dr. ZENG, Ming Tsinghua University   China
Prof. YI, Wang Tsinghua University   China
Dr. WANG, Zhe Tsinghua University   China
Prof. LIU, Yinong Tsinghua University   China
GUO, Ziyi Tsinghua University   China
Dr. RETIERE, Fabrice TRIUMF Research scientist Canada
Dr. LIU, Shengli TRIUMF   Canada
YONENAGA, Masanobu Tokyo Metropolitan University student Japan
Dr. HOSOKAWA, Keishi Tohoku university, RCnS   Japan
Mr. OGAWA, Shinji The University of Tokyo   Japan
Mr. NAKAO, Mitsutaka The University of Tokyo   Japan
Mr. MAEKAWA, Koki The University of Tokyo Master Course Student Japan
Mr. IWAI, Ryoto The University of Tokyo   Japan
TANG, Fukun The University of Chicago   United States
Mr. BOGDAN, Mircea The University of Chicago Research Engineer United States
Prof. GAN, K.K. The Ohio State University   United States
Dr. LIE, Ki The Hong Hong University of Science and Technology Postdoc fellow Hong Kong, China
Prof. AKCHURIN, Nural Texas Tech University Professor United States
Mr. CASTANEDA, Alfredo Texas A&M University (campus Qatar) Postdoctoral Research Mexico
GAISBAUER, Dominic Technical University of Munich PhD Germany
Mr. HILS, Maximilian Technical University of Dresden   Germany
Dr. BHEESETTE, Satyanarayana Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Scientific Officer (H) India
Prof. WANG, Wei Sun Yat-Sen University   China
Ms. YUWEI, ZHU SUBATECH, CNRS/IN2P3, Université de Nantes, Ecole des Mines de Nantes   France
Ms. XING, Yajing SUBATECH, CNRS/IN2P3, Université de Nantes, Ecole des Mines de Nantes PHD student France
Prof. BOHM, Christian Stockholm U.   Sweden
Mr. KRATOCHWIL, Nicolaus Stefan Meyer Institute, OEAW   Austria
Mr. NISHIMURA, Ryutaro SOKENDAI Ph.D Student Japan
Mr. SOKHRANNYI, Grygorii Slovenia, Institute Jozef Stefan PhD student Slovenia
Dr. HAST, Carsten SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory   United States
Mr. LARSEN, Ray SLAC   Canada
Dr. FRISCH, Josef SLAC   United States
BARTOLDUS, Rainer SLAC   United States
Mr. WANG, YU Sichuan Tianle Photonics Co.,Ltd CEO China
Mr. XIANGXIANG, Ren Shanghai Jiaotong university postdoctor China
Prof. 韩, 柯 Shanghai Jiao Tong University   China
ZHOU, Ning Shanghai Jiao Tong University   China
Dr. WANG, Meng Shandong University Prof. China
Prof. FENG, Cunfeng Shandong University   China
Mr. ZHU, chengguang Shandong Univ   China
BOSMANS, Richard Scionix Holland BV Manager Operations Netherlands
Mr. WANG, Shuai School of physics, Shandong University doctor China
Dr. THEA, Alessandro Rutherfor Appleton Laboratory   United Kingdom
Dr. HAN, Xiaoxue Physikalisches Institut,Heidelberg University   Germany
Dr. MILNES, James Photek Ltd R&D Manager United Kingdom
GAGNON-MOISAN, Francis Paul Scherrer Institute Operations Physicist Switzerland
Dr. ALI, Muhammad Farooq Pak Traders Doctor Pakistan
Dr. DE LA TAILLE, christophe OMEGA Ecole Plytechnique-CNRS/IN2P3   France
KAGAN, Harris Ohio State University   United States
DI GIOVANNI, Adriano NYUAD   United Arab Emirates
Dr. TIAN, Lichao NUDT   China
Mr. WANG, yanchun NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED Engineer China
Prof. DANILOV, Mikhail NRNU MEPhI and LPI Head of department Russian Federation
Mr. YANG, Fan Northwestern Polytechnical University/Imdetek Corporation Ltd   China
Prof. VAN DER GRAAF, Hendrik Nikhef &TU Delft   Netherlands
Mr. TSIGARIDAS, Stergios Nikhef   Netherlands
OGAWA, Kazuya Niigata University   Japan
Dr. WANG, Qiang Nevis Labs, Columbia University Associate research scientist United States
Dr. WANG, Qiang Nevis Laboratories, Columbia University Associate research scientist United States
Dr. TOMOYORI, Katsuaki National institutes for quantum and radiological science and technology   Japan
Dr. SAIZU, Mirela Angela National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Horia Hulubei IFIN-HH   Romania
Dr. UKLEJA, Artur National Centre for Nuclear Research   Poland
CHIA-MING, Kuo National Central University   Taiwan, China
Ms. KAWAGUCHI, Tomomi Nagoya University   Japan
GULER, Ali Murat METU   Turkey
Mr. HU, Lambert Mecano Components (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.   China
BODE, Tobias Max-Planck-Institute for Physics   Germany
Mr. WINDEL, Hendrik Max Planck Institute for Physics   Germany
GABRIEL, Miroslav Max Planck Institute for Physics   Germany
Dr. SUEHARA, Taikan Kyushu University   Japan
AKATSUKA, Shunichi Kyoto University PhD Student Japan
Dr. MATSUOKA, Kodai KMI, Nagoya University   Japan
Mr. ANDREI, Victor Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg University Postdoc Germany
Mr. ALANAZI, Mohammad King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) Researcher (Master of Science) at the Detector Lab, Applied Physics Center, KACST Saudi Arabia
Mr. 刘佳, jia Key Laboratry of Partical Astrophysics, IHEP   China
YAMADA, Satoru KEK   Japan
Mr. ONO, Shun KEK   Japan
Dr. HASHIMOTO, Ryo KEK Assistant Professor Japan
Prof. HABA, Junji KEK   Japan
Mr. SCHMIDT, Mustafa Justus Liebig University Giessen PhD Student Germany
Dr. ZIBELL, Andre Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg   Germany
Mr. VERESCHAGIN, Stepan Joint Institute for Nuclear Research   Russian Federation
Mr. KAHRA, Christian Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz   Germany
Dr. LIU, Yong Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz   Germany
YOSHIDA, Rikutaro Jefferson Lab   United States
Dr. ZUZEL, Grzegorz Jagiellonian University Assistant Professor Poland
LAKTINEH, imad IPNL professor France
Mr. DELANNOY, Hugo Interuniversity Institute for High Energies (ULB-VUB)   Belgium
Mr. DÜDDER, Andreas Institute of Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz   Germany
Dr. QIN, xiubo institute of high energy,CAS   China
Ms. ZHAO DONGXU, Dongxu Institute of high energy physics. CAS   China
Dr. ZHOU , Yangfan Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   China
Mr. WEN, Kaile Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   China
Dr. QI, Huirong Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   China
Dr. LU, Yunpeng Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   China
Mr. LIU, Jinsheng Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   China
Dr. MANSOUR, Jason Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing   United States
Mrs. ZHAO, Han Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences postgraduate China
Mr. YU, yang institute of high energy physics chinese academy of sciences student China
WANG GANG, Wang Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences   China
Ms. ZHOU XIAOJUAN, Xiaojuan Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Dr. ZHANG, Shoushan Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Mr. LV, Hongkui Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Ms. LI , Yang Institute of High Energy Physics   China
Mr. KÖNIG, Axel Institute of High Energy Physics   Austria
Dr. HUANG, Xianchao Institute of high energy physics   China
Dr. LUBSANDORZHIEV, Bayarto Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS   Russian Federation
Dr. CASALI, Nicola INFN-Roma1 Researcher Italy
Dr. CARDANI, Laura INFN-Roma Researcher Italy
VIVOLO, daniele INFN-NA   Italy
Dr. PEDRETTI, Davide INFN-LNL PhD student Italy
FRESCH, Paolo INFN Sezione di Roma   Italy
Dr. RUGGERI, Alan Cosimo INFN Sezione di Napoli Postdoc Italy
Mr. FARINELLI, Riccardo INFN Sezione di Ferrara PhD student Italy
Prof. SARRA, ivano INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati   Italy
Mr. MESCHINI, Marco INFN Firenze Research Director Italy
VAGELLI, Valerio INFN and University of Perugia   Italy
Dr. CRUCIANI, Angelo INFN - Sezione di Roma   Italy
LA LICATA, Chiara INFN & University of Trieste   Italy
COSTA, Salvatore INFN   Italy
Dr. BAHINIPATI, Seema Indian Institute of Techmology Bhubaneswar Assistant Professor India
CRAVEN, Chris Incom, Inc.   United States
Prof. KISHIMOTO, Shunji IMSS, KEK   Japan
JAMES, Thomas Imperial College London   United Kingdom
Dr. BORG, Johan Imperial College London Electronics Research Engineer United Kingdom
Dr. 席, 守智 Imdetek Co.,Ltd   China
Mr. ZHANG, Lei Imdetek Co.,Ltd   China
Mr. SHEN, Shuangxi Imdetek Co.,Ltd   China
Mr. ZHANG, Xianyi Illinois Institute of Technology Doctoral Student United States
Dr. QIAN, Sen IHEP,CAS   China
Mr. RYZHIKOV, Sergey IHEP@Protvino Research Fellow Russian Federation
Mrs. ZHENG, Wenli IHEP,CAS   China
Prof. LI, Weiguo IHEP,CAS   China
Dr. XIE, Yuguang IHEP, CAS   China
Prof. WANG, Yifang IHEP, CAS   China
Prof. SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP, CAS   China
Prof. LOU, Xinchou IHEP, CAS   China
Prof. CAO, Jun IHEP, CAS   China
Mr. BI, Baiyang IHEP, CAS   China
Dr. ROMEO, Francesco IHEP of Beijing Postdoctoral researcher Switzerland
Dr. SOLOVYANOV, Oleg IHEP NRC KI   Russian Federation
Dr. TOLBA, Tamer IHEP - CAS Postdoc China
Prof. 姜小盼, xiaopan IHEP   China
Mr. YUN, Mingkai IHEP   China
XIAO, mei IHEP   China
Prof. WEN, Liangjian IHEP   China
Mr. WANG, Xiuku ihep   China
Dr. WANG, Zhigang IHEP   China
Dr. SUN, Xilei IHEP   China
RAN, min ihep   China
Prof. OUYANG, Qun IHEP   China
LV, pin IHEP   China
Ms. LUO, Fengjiao IHEP   China
Dr. LI, Zhenjie IHEP   China
Dr. LI, Yiming IHEP   China
Mr. LI, Nan IHEP   China
Dr. HE, Miao IHEP   China
Ms. GAO , Feng IHEP   China
Dr. CAO, Guofu IHEP   China
LANGE, Joern IFAE Barcelona   Spain
Mr. KONNO, Tomoyuki High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) Postdoctoral fellow Japan
Prof. ARAI, Yasuo High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)   Japan
UWER, Ulrich Heidelberg Univsersity Professor Germany
Mr. LEE, In-soo Hanyang University Student Korea, Republic of
Mr. JIN, Haiyi Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Application Engineer Japan
Mr. HOTTA, Yuji Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.   Japan
Mr. GHASSEMI, Ardavan Hamamatsu Corp.   United States
Dr. DZHYGADLO, Roman GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH Scientist Germany
SCHWIENING, Jochen GSI   Germany
Dr. KESHELASHVILI, Irakli Forschungszentrum Juelich Stuff Scientist Germany
MIAO, Ting Fermilab   United States
Mr. HASEGAWA, Satoshi Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory   Japan
Dr. NESSI-TEDALDI, Francesca ETH Zurich   Switzerland
Mr. BATTISTA, Vincenzo EPFL Lausanne   Italy
Prof. ZHANG, Hongyu EPC, IHEP, CAS, China   China
Ms. VELYKA, Anastasiia Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY   Germany
Mr. SCHUETZE, Paul Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY   Germany
Dr. YE, Hua DESY   Germany
WANG, Jike DESY   Germany
Dr. JANSEN, Hendrik DESY   Germany
Mr. CONNOR, Patrick DESY PhD student Germany
Prof. CHEN, Chin-Tu Chicago University   United States
Dr. TABATA, Makoto Chiba University   Japan
SICKING, Eva CERN, Geneva, Switzerland   Switzerland
MUNKER, Magdalena CERN / University of Bonn   Switzerland
Mr. VONEKI, Balazs CERN Network Engineer France
Dr. SPIWOKS, Ralf CERN   Switzerland
Mr. SANTOS, Alejandro CERN   Argentina
Mr. RISTIC, Branislav CERN   Germany
Mr. PITTERS, Florian CERN   Switzerland
Dr. NURNBERG, Andreas CERN   Switzerland
Dr. NEUBÜSER, Coralie CERN   Switzerland
MANDELLI, Beatrice CERN   Switzerland
LENZI, Bruno CERN   Brazil
LE GOFF, Fabrice CERN   France
Dr. HELARY, Louis CERN   Switzerland
GUIDA, Roberto CERN   Switzerland
FORTY, Roger CERN   Switzerland
Dr. FIERGOLSKI, Adrian CERN   Switzerland
Dr. FAERBER, Christian CERN   Switzerland
DURANTE, Paolo CERN   Italy
Mr. BLAGO, Michele Piero CERN   Germany
Dr. BIANCO, Michele CERN Researcher Switzerland
Mr. 刘, 恒双 Central China Normal University   China
YONAMINE, Ryo CEA   France
Mrs. YAN, Chunhong CAS   China
Dr. ZHU, Ren-Yuan Caltech Senior Scientist United States
Dr. BORNHEIM, Adi Caltech   United States
Dr. LI, jinhai C   China
Dr. YU, Bo Brookhaven National Lab   United States
YAN, Guangqing Beijing Normal University   China
Mr. JIA, Jian-Quan Beijing Normal University   China
Prof. HAN, Dejun Beijing Normal University   China
CHOI,, Kyungeon ATLAS   Korea, Republic of
XIE, Junqi Argonne National Laboratory   United States
Dr. DEMARTEAU, Marcel Argonne National Laboratory   United States
ZHANG, Jinlong ANL   United States
Mr. DJAMA, Fares Aix-Marseille université, CPPM/CNRS-IN2P3   France