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21-26 May 2017
Beijing International Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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Location: Beijing International Convention Center
Address: No.8 Beichen Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing P. R. China 100101
Date: 23 May 14:00 - 3:30 PM


    • Bilki, Burak (U)
    • Bornheim, Adi (Caltech)

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Type: oral Session: R1-Calorimeters(3)
Track: Calorimeters
In central heavy ion collisions at very high energy such as at LHC at CERN, one can create a matter of high energy density and high temperature in which quarks and gluon can move freely beyond the boundary of hadrons, called Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP). One of the unanswered questions for on the creation process of QGP is the initial state of nuleons. According to the QCD, the gluon density in small ... More
Presented by Yota KAWAMURA on 23/5/2017 at 14:36
Type: oral Session: R1-Calorimeters(3)
Track: Calorimeters
The High Granularity Calorimeter (HGCAL) is the technology choice of the CMS collaboration for the endcap calorimetry upgrade planned to cope with the harsh radiation and pileup environment at the High Luminosity-LHC. The HGCAL is realized as a sampling calorimeter, including an electromagnetic compartment comprising 28 layers of silicon pad detectors with pad areas of 0.5 — 1.0 cm^2 intersperse ... More
Presented by Dr. Francesco ROMEO on 23/5/2017 at 14:18
Type: oral Session: R1-Calorimeters(3)
Track: Calorimeters
The **JEDI** (Jülich Electric Dipole moment Investigations) collaboration performs a set of experiments at the COSY storage ring in Jülich, within the R&D phase to search for the Electric Dipole Moments (EDM) of charged particles. A measurement of proton and deuteron EDMs is a sensitive probe of yet unknown CP violation. The method of charged particle EDM search will exploit stored polarized ... More
Presented by Irakli KESHELASHVILI on 23/5/2017 at 15:12
Type: oral Session: R1-Calorimeters(3)
Track: Calorimeters
It is widely expected that the non-linear growth of parton densities at low x predicted from linear QCD evolution will lead to gluon saturation. As a decisive probe of gluon saturation, the measurement of forward (3.5 < y < 5) direct photons in a new region of low x ($10^{−5}$ ∼ $10^{−6}$ ) in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC is proposed. An extremely high-granularity electromagnetic cal ... More
Presented by Hongkai WANG on 23/5/2017 at 14:00
Type: oral Session: R1-Calorimeters(3)
Track: Calorimeters
The Particle Flow approach to calorimetry requires highly granular calorimeters and sophisticated software in order to reconstruct and identify individual particles in complex event topologies. Within the CALICE collaboration, several concepts for highly granular calorimeters are studied. The Analog Hadron Calorimeter (AHCAL) concept is a sampling calorimeter of tungsten or steel absorber plates a ... More
Presented by Boruo XU on 23/5/2017 at 14:54
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