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21-26 May 2017
Beijing International Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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R2-Neutrino Detectors(1)


Location: Beijing International Convention Center
Address: No.8 Beichen Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing P. R. China 100101
Date: 22 May 14:00 - 3:30 PM


    • Cascella, Michele (University College London)
    • Wang, Jingbo (University of California, Davis)

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Type: oral Session: R2-Neutrino Detectors(1)
Track: Neutrino Detectors
The Short-Baseline Near Detector (SBND) is one of the three detectors in Fermilab's short-baseline neutrino physics program which is projected to start collecting data in 2019. SBND is to measure the un-oscillated beam flavor composition to enable precision searches for neutrino oscillations via both electron neutrino appearance and muon neutrino disappearance in the far detectors. The core compo ... More
Presented by Dr. Ting MIAO on 22/5/2017 at 14:18
Type: oral Session: R2-Neutrino Detectors(1)
Track: Neutrino Detectors
The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) will use a large liquid argon (LAr) detector to measure the CP violating phase, determine the neutrino mass hierarchy and perform precision tests of the three-flavor paradigm in long-baseline neutrino oscillations. It will also allow sensitive searches for proton decay and the detection and measurement of electron neutrinos from core collapse supern ... More
Presented by Bo YU on 22/5/2017 at 14:00
Type: oral Session: R2-Neutrino Detectors(1)
Track: Neutrino Detectors
Neutrinoless double-beta decay, if observed, would be proof that the neutrino is its own antiparticle, would be evidence for total lepton number violation, and could allow a measurement of the absolute neutrino mass. Tracking calorimeter experiments have particular strengths, including the ability to search for neutrinoless double-beta decay amongst several different isotopes hosted in source foil ... More
Presented by Michele CASCELLA on 22/5/2017 at 14:36
Type: oral Session: R2-Neutrino Detectors(1)
Track: Neutrino Detectors
PROSPECT, the Precision Reactor Oscillation and SPECTrum Experiment, is a multi-phased short baseline reactor antineutrino experiment aims to precisely measure the antineutrino spectrum of Highly Enriched U-235 (HEU) reactor and probe the possible neutrino oscillation that involves ∆m2 1 eV scale sterile neutrino. In PROSPECT phase-I, an 14 × 11 optically segmented Li-6 loaded liquid scintilla ... More
Presented by Mr. Xianyi ZHANG, Littlejohn BRYCE on 22/5/2017 at 14:54
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