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21-26 May 2017
Beijing International Convention Center
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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R4-Photon detectors(1)


Location: Beijing International Convention Center
Address: No.8 Beichen Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing P. R. China 100101
Date: 22 May 14:00 - 3:30 PM


    • Prof. Eigen, Gerald (University of Bergen)
    • Prof. van der Graaf, Harry (Nikhef)

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Type: oral Session: R4-Photon detectors(1)
Track: Photon detectors
Planar microchannel plate photomultipliers (MCP-PMTs) with bialkali photocathodes are able to achieve single photon detection with excellent time (picosecond) and spatial (millimeter) resolution. They have recently drawn great interests in experiments requiring time of flight (TOF) measurement and/or Cherenkov imaging. Current MCP-PMTs have a response range of 300 nm – 600 nm, limited by the win ... More
Presented by Dr. Xie JUNQI on 22/5/2017 at 14:00
Type: oral Session: R4-Photon detectors(1)
Track: Photon detectors
We developed a square-shaped micro-channel-plate photomultiplier tube (MCP-PMT) for the TOP counter in the Belle II experiment in collaboration with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. It has a time resolution about 30 ps for single photon detection, a large photocoverage of 23 mm square photocathode and a peak quantum efficiency greater than 28% at a wavelength around 360 nm. Those excellent time resoluti ... More
Presented by Kodai MATSUOKA on 22/5/2017 at 14:18
Type: oral Session: R4-Photon detectors(1)
Track: Photon detectors
VSiPMT (Vacuum Silicon PhotoMultiplier Tube) is an innovative photodetector that matches the excellent photon counting performances of SiPMs with the large sensitive surfaces of standard PMTs. 
In such device, the photoelectrons generated by a large surface photocathode are accelerated and driven by an electrostatic focusing system towards a small focal area covered by a SiPM. This solution is ... More
Presented by daniele VIVOLO on 22/5/2017 at 14:36
Type: oral Session: R4-Photon detectors(1)
Track: Photon detectors
Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), as a kind of light detector with high sensitivity and super fast time response, are widely used in physics experiment, industrial production, medical equipment and other fields. And With the increasingly common use of large area PMTs for nuclear and particle physics experiments, information on the uniformity of photocathode is important to accurate particle identifica ... More
Presented by GAO FENG on 22/5/2017 at 14:54
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