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1-9 July 2017
Daya Bay
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The summer school would be held in the Chang Wan Training Center(Map), which is close to the DYB NPP.

Two pickups from the Shenzhen airport and train station will be arranged on June 30, and drop off on July 9 and 10 (details will be elaborated). If you could not catch up these buses, please take public transportation to Dapeng town. We will pickup there (details will be worked out later) since you are not able to enter the power plant and get to the Expert Village or Changwan alone.

Transportation Tip from the Shenzhen Airport and the Shenzhen North Railway station to Daya Bay.

From the Shenzhen Airport to Daya Bay:

1) Taxi, which costs about 300 RMB.

2) Subway and bus: take the subway line 1 from the airport to the ZhuZiLin station, then take the bus H92 to the Dapeng Town. It would take 3 hours from the airport to Dapeng.

From the Shenzhen North Railway station to Daya Bay:

1) Take the bus E11 to the Dapeng town, and it will take you 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the traffic.