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Jun 18 – 22, 2018
Chengdu(成都), China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Scientific Program

The program of the PDF version is available here [pdf].


DAY 1, 18 June:


Chair: KOUVELIOTOU Chryssa


08:45-09:00     OPENING                                                       I/15m      ZHANG Shuang-Nan

09:00-09:30    Introduction to Insight-HXMT                                          I/30m      ZHANG Shuang-Nan

09:30-09:45    Insight-HXMT science operations                                    C/15m     SONG Liming

09:45-10:00    Background of Insight-HXMT                                            C/15m     LIAO Jinyuan

10:00-10:15    Insight-HXMT Galactic scanning survey                                 C/15m     GUAN Ju


10:15-10:45     BREAK, group photo and posters


10:45-11:00    The research progress of timing of black hole source with

Insight-HXMT and dead time effect of Insight-HXMT                C/15m  QU Jinlu

11:00-11:15    Insight -HXMT observations of the New Black Hole Candidate

MAXI J1535-571: timing analysis                                          C/15m     HUANG Yue

11:15-11:30    The CRSF observed in GRO J1008-57 by HXMT                     C/15m     GE Mingyu

11:30-11:45    Insight-HXMT views CRSF of Her X-1                             C/15m     XIAO Guangcheng

11:45-12:00    A Comparison Study of LFQPOs in

Neutron-Star and Black-Hole Low-Mass X-ray Binaries                           C/15m     BU Qingcui


12:00-13:30     LUNCH and posters


Chair: TBD


13:30-13:45       A Systematic Analysis of the Phase Lags Associated with

the Type-C Quasi-periodic Oscillation in GRS 1915+105                         C/15m        ZHANG Liang

13:45-14:00    Timing analysis of Swift J1658.2-4242's outburst in 2018

with Insight-HXMT                                                 C/15m     XIAO Guangcheng

14:00-14:15    Insight-HXMT observations on the timing behavior of new

transient MAXI J1820+070                                    C/15m     MA Xiang

14:15-14:30    Insight-HXMT views to type-I  & type-II X-ray bursts                C/15m     CHEN Yupeng

14:30-14:45    The frequency and flux evolution in the Crab pulsar’s largest glitch  C/15m     GE Mingyu

14:45-15:00    The distributions of the spin period and spin-down power among

the MSPs in radio, X-ray and  gamma-ray                                  C/15m     WANG De-Hua

15:00-15:15    From X-Ray to Radio: Transitional Millisecond Pulsar by the 

plasma cut-off frequency                                                C/15m     ZHANG Chengmin

15:15-15:30    Pulsar searches of Fermi sources with FAST                          C/15m     Wang Pei


15:30-16:00     BREAK and posters


16:00-16:30    The radiation mechanism for fast radio bursts                      I/30m      KUMAR Pawan

16:30-17:00    Highlight of FAST                                              I/30m      LI Di

17:00-17:15    The application of direct demodulation techniques to simulated

FAST multi-beam drift scan observations                           C/15m     WANG Yuanming

17:15-17:30    Multi-resolution and Time-dependent Direct Demodulation

Method                                                                      C/15m     ZHOU Jianfeng      

17:30-18:00    Fast wide-field imaging of the radio transient sky                         I/30m      WIJERS Ralph


DAY 2, 19 June: Gravitational-wave sources and wide-field surveys


Chair: TBD


08:30-09:00   Models for electromagnetic counterparts to GW170817                     I/30m      DAI Zigao

09:00-09:30    Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) and Gravitational

Wave Electromagnetic counterpart (GW EM) by Insight-HXMT     I/30m   XIONG Shaolin

09:30-10:00    The EM counterpart for GW 170817 from Gamma-rays to Radio        I/30m         PIRAN Tsvi


10:00-10:30     BREAK and posters


10:30-11:00    Lessons from GRB 170817A / GW 170817 – the First

Gravitational Wave Detection of a Binary Neutron Star Merger      I/30m GRANOT Jonathan

11:00-11:30    Macronova models                                          I/30m HOTOKAZEKA Kenta

11:30-12:00    Macronova/Kilonova and the EM counterpart of GW170817     I/30m TOMINAGA Nozomu


12:00-13:30     LUNCH and posters


Chair: TBD


13:30-14:00    Chandra X-ray Observations of GW170817 and Implications

for Post-Merger Models                                                  I/30m    RUAN John

14:00-14:30    Jet in Electromagnetic Counterparts to GW170817?            I/30m      IOKA Kunihito

14:30-15:00    GRB-macronova connection                                    I/30m      JIN Zhipin


15:00-15:30     BREAK and posters


15:30-15:45    A new method to test the WEP using the time delay of

GRBs or GW-EM event                                                    C/15m     YU Hai

15:45-16:00    Prompt Emission of Gravational Wave GRB 170817A and Beyond     C/15m         ZHANG Binbin

16:00-16:15        Insight-HMXT optical transient follow-up                                 C/15m         WANG Xianggao

16:15-16:45    MAXI on ISS watching the X-ray sky                               I/30m      MIHARA Tatehiro

16:45-17:15    The optical transient sky (ZTF)                                        I/30m      SINGER Leo

17:15-17:45    The LAMOST Galactic Spectroscopic Surveys                         I/30m      LIU Xiaowei


DAY 3, 20 June: Free Discussions for collaboration


DAY4, 21 June: AGN, TDEs, and GRBs


Chair: TBD


08:30-09:00    Understanding the Multi-wavelength Spectral Variability of

super-Eddington NLS1s                                                  I/30m      JIN Chichuan

09:00-09:30    Time-domain astrophysics of galactic nuclei in radio to

submillimetre                                                          I/30m      WANG Daniel

09:30-10:00    Observational Studies of Multi-wavelength Variability from

             Accretion Flow in AGN                            I/30m      NODA Hirofumi


10:00-10:30     BREAK and posters


10:30-11:00    Changing look quasars: causes and implications                   I/30m      WARD Martin

11:00-11:15    Power of long-term evolution: a case study of LLAGN NGC 7213       C/15m     XIE Fuguo

11:15-11:30    Supersoft AGNs: massive counterparts to the X-ray binaries at

high/soft state?                                                        C/15m     SHU Xinwen

11:30-11:45    On the multi-wavelength properties of several Gamma-ray

detected Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies                              C/15m     YANG Hui

11:45-12:00    Study the X-ray variability of Active Galactic Nuclei            C/15m     PAN Haiwu


12:00-13:30     LUNCH and posters


Chair: TBD


13:30-14:00    Dissipation and emission mechanisms in prompt Gamma Ray

Bursts - Implications of revised spectral analysis                     I/30m   BENIAMINI Paz

14:00-14:15    Search for IMBHs via GW and simultaneous / delayed EM

transients during an IMRI                                     C/15m     SHEN Rong-feng

14:15-14:30    Multi-epoch analysis of X-ray relativistic reflection on accretion

disk around supermassive black hole in NGC 5506                    C/15m     SUN Shangyu

14:30-15:00    New Insights into Broadband Gamma-Ray Burst Modeling              I/30m    VAN DER HORST                                                                                                                 Alexander


15:00-15:30     BREAK and posters


15:30-16:00    Statistics of GRBs: Implications to GRB observations of                          

Insight-HXMT                                                                                                      I/30m      LIANG En-Wei

16:30-17:00    Prompt emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts                             I/30m      NAVA Lara

17:00-17:15    Long-term Brightening of Multiband Afterglows of GW170817/

GRB170817A as Being Due to a Delayed Energy Injection                C/15m     LI Bing

17:15-17:30    Observational evidence for mass ejection accompanying

short gamma ray bursts                                                  C/15m     MOHARANA


17:30-17:45    Radiation Mechanism of Relativistic Jets from TDEs            C/15m     LU Wenbin

17:45-18:00    Engine-powered optical transients                                 C/15m     WANG Lingjun


19:00-20:00        Banquet


DAY 5, 22 June: Compact objects and new missions


Chair: TBD


08:30-08:45    X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations in Lense-Thirring

precession model                                                    C/15m     YOU Bei

08:45-09:00    A comprehensive study of outbursts of low mass X-ray binary

transients: the influence of donors                              C/15m     LIN Jie

09:00-09:15    Partial Accretion in the Propeller Stage of Aql X-1                        C/15m     GUNGOR Can

09:15-09:30    Accretion flow geometry from observational evidence of LMXBs      C/15m     PAL Partha Sarathi

09:30-09:45    Burst probe to XRB accretion and Insight-HXMT observation    C/15m     ZHANG Shu

09:45-10:00    Magnetar-like outburst from high-magnetic field

radio/gamma-ray pulsar PSR J1119-6127                           C/15m     WANG Huihui


10:00-10:30     BREAK and posters


10:30-10:45    The hour-timescale GeV flares of PSR B1259-63 in 2017              C/15m     TAM Pak Hin

10:45-11:00    Bow shock emission model for the white dwarf pulsar AR Scorpii     C/15m         HUANG Yongfeng

11:00-11:15    The nature of CG X-1: An ultraluminous Wolf-Rayet black hole

binary in the Circinus galaxy?                                       C/15m     QIU Yanli

11:15-11:30    Characterizing the Variability of the Soft X-ray State in Black

Hole Transients                                                       C/15m     MAO Dongming

11:30-11:45    Spectral evolution and super Eddington accretion of the new

Black hole candidate MAXI J1535-571 during its 2017 outburst      C/15m     TAO Lian

11:45-12:00   Two bright minioutbursts and the 12-year long activity of the 

black hole candidate Swift J1753.5-012                               C/15m     ZHANG Guobao


12:00-13:30     LUNCH and posters


Chair: TBD


13:30-13:45    Leaked GeV CRs from a broken shell: Explaining 9 years

Fermi-LAT data of SNR W28                                         C/15m     CUI Yudong    

13:45-14:00    SN 2002cx-like and SN Ia-CSM objects originate from

single-degenerate systems with CONe WDs                        C/15m     MENG Xiangcun

14:00-14:15    Identifications of Faint X-ray Sources in the Globular Cluster M3      C/15m     ZHAO Yue

14:15-14:30    Decomposition of the Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission via

X-ray Line Spectroscopy                                                C/15m     XU Xiaojie

14:30-15:00    Japanese recent and future X-ray satellites: Suzaku, Hitomi,

and XARM                                                      I/30m    TAKAHASHI



15:00-15:30     BREAK and posters


15:30-16:00    Einstein Probe: a lobster-eye telescope for monitoring the

X-ray sky                                                         I/30m      YUAN Weimin

16:00-16:15    A next-generation Compton telescope - The Compton

Spectrometer and Imager (COSI)                                          C/15m     CHANG


16:15-16:30    Multi-channel Photometric Survey Telescope – Mephisto           C/15m     CHEN Bingqiu

16:30-16:45    Background Simulations of WXT aboard the Einstein

Probe Mission                                                          C/15m     ZHANG Chen

16:45-17:00    eXTP mission overview and status                                  C/15m     XU Yupeng

17:00-17:15    HERD mission overview and status                                 C/15m     DONG Yongwei

17:15-17:30    In-orbit Performance of the Gamma-ray Burst

Polarimeter POLAR                                                C/15m     SUN Jianchao

17:30-17:45    In-orbit calibration status of Insight-HXMT                  C/15m     LI Xiaobo


17:45-18:00     CLOSING