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Registration and Accommodation 

Registration Fees   

  • Students from mainland China should pay 2000 CNY per person for the registration fee.
  • The other students and all the lecturers don't need to pay the registration fee.


  • All the students and lecturers will stay in the IHEP Guest House on campus. Reservations will be made by the school.
  • For all the students, the arrival day is December 9, Sunday and the departure day is December 17, Monday.  You can check in from 06:00 to 24:00, December 9, and check out before noon on December 17.
  • Two students will share a twin room. You can choose your own roommate and send an email to assca18@ihep.ac.cn. 
  • The school will cover lodging expenses for the students outside of mainland China.
  • Students from mainland China should pay the hotel fees by themselves. The rate is 187.5 CNY per night per person for a small twin room and 212.5 CNY  per night per person for a large twin room. 
  • For all the lecturers, the school will cover their lodging expenses. Double rooms for single person staying will be provided to the lecturers. Please send your check in date and time and check out date and time to assca18@ihep.ac.cn. 


  • Complimentary breakfast will be provided by the IHEP Guest House.
  • Lunch boxes and buffet dinners from December 10  to December 15 will be provided by the school to all the lecturers and students. Lunch boxes will be delivered to the lecture room (C305 of the Main Building) at 12:00. Buffet dinners will be at the Restaurant of IHEP Guest House at 18:00-19:30.