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Aug 22 – 28, 2019
Nankai University
Asia/Shanghai timezone


On-site Registration

Place: Conrad Tianjin Hotel,starting from 10:00am, August 22
Address: No.46 Tianta Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China 


The city of Tianjin could be reached by plane to Tianjin Binhai International Airport (TSN) and by Train.
(I) By air: Fly into Beijing airport

(Recommended for international participants)

It is much more convenient to fly to Beijing Capital airport (PEK) for oversea visitors. PEK is about 120km away from NKU.

You could take the fast train to arrive at NKU from PEK.

a) Take the Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus Line 10 (PEK- Beijing South Railway Station), (9:30–21:30 every 30 minutes). It will cost you 40-60 minutes if there is no traffic jam. (25 CNY)

b) Take the fast train at the Beijing South Railway Station to the city Tianjin. (Beijing South Railway Station-Tianjin Railway Station) (北京南站-天津站 in Chinese). It will cost you 35 minutes. (54.5 CNY). You can purchase a train ticket at the train ticket booking office at the station with your passport. Please tell the ticket staff that you need to go to the Tianjin Station, there are many trains every day between Beijing South station and Tianjin Station - 4 trains each hour.

c) Take a taxi from Tianjin Railway station to NKU or the accommodation hotel.

Another way to arrive is take the airport shuttle from PEK to Tianjin shuttle station (Nanjing Road).

a) Take airport shuttle at the Beijing Airport T3-Exit 3 on the ground floor. It will cost you 2 hours and 45 minutes. (70 CNY)

b) Take a taxi form the Tianjin shuttle station (Nanjing Road) to NKU or the accommodation hotel (18 CNY).

(II) By air: Fly into Tianjin airport
Tianjin airport (TSN) has direct flights from major cities within Mainland China and Hong Kong. The airport is about 40 minutes’ drive to hotel or NKU.

(III) By train:
You can arrive at Tianjin by train from virtually anywhere in China. Tianjin station, Tianjin South station and Tianjin West railway station are all recommended.

(IV) Please follow this taxi sign if you will take a taxi at airports and train stations.


Please take me to:

地址: 天津市南开区卫津路94号

Nankai University
Address: No.94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China

地址: 天津市南开区复康路7号增2号

Teda International Club Tianjin
Address: No.7-2 Fukang Road Nankai District Tianjin, China

地址: 天津市南开区天塔道46号

Conrad Tianjin Hotel
Address: No.46 Tianta Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China


More information about Tianjin could be found at