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22-28 August 2019
Nankai University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 113

downname institution city country/region
BAI, Tian-Xing Hebei Normal University Shijiazhuang China
Professor BRISCOE, William The George Washington University Washington, DC United States
CAO, Xu Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Lanzhou Lanzhou China
Professor CHANG, Chao-Hsi ITP, CAS Beijing China
Doctor CHEN, Jian-ping Jefferson Lab Newport News, Virginia United States
Doctor CHEN, Lei CIAE Beijing China
CHEN, Xurong IMP Lanzhou China
Professor DESHPANDE, Abhay Stony Brook University Stony Brook United States
Postdoc DIEHL, Stefan JLU Giessen and University of Connecticut Giessen Germany
Doctor DONG, Hui Shandong University Qingdao China
Professor FENG, Cunfeng Shandong University Qingdao China
Professor GAO, Haiyan Department of Physics, Duke University Durham United States
Postdoc GONG, chang IHEP beijing China
GOU, Boxing Helmholtz-Institut Mainz Mainz Germany
HAN, Ke Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China
Doctor HAO, Ning Tianjin University Tianjin China
Doctor HATTA, Yoshitaka BNL Upton United States
Professor HE, Jun Nanjing Normal University Nanjing China
Professor JIAO, Jianbin Shandong University (Qingdao) Qingdao China
Professor JOO, Kyungseon University of Connecticut Storrs United States
Professor KANG, Zhongbo University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles United States
Professor KE, Hong-wei Tianjin University Tianjin China
LELLMANN, Max Insitute for Nuclear Physics, JGU Mainz Mainz Germany
Professor LI , Hai-Bo IHEP Beijing China
Postdoc LI(李), Rui-Cheng(瑞成) UCAS Beijing China
LIANG, Yutie Institute of Modern Physics, CAS lanzhou China
Professor LI, Demin Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou China
LI, Mei Tianjin University Tianjin China
Professor LIU, Beijiang 高能所 Beijing China
Professor LIU, LIUMING Institute of Modern Physics, CAS lanzhou China
Postdoc LIU, Yizhuang TDLI-SJTU SHanghai China
Postdoc LIU, Yu-Sheng Tsung-Dao Lee Institute Shanghai China
Professor LI, Xiaomei China Institute of Atomic Energy Beijing China
LI, Yulei Tsinghua University Beijing China
Professor LORENZON, Wolfgang University of Michigan Ann Arbor United States
LU, Fang Tisanjin University Tianjin China
Doctor LYU, Qi-Fang Hunan Normal University ChangSha China
Professor LYU, Xiao-Rui University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing China
Professor MA, Bo-Qiang Peking University Beijing China
Doctor MA, Jian-Ping Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, Beijing Beijing China
Doctor MCKEOWN, Robert Jefferson Lab Newport News United States
MENG, Lu Peking University Beijing China
Postdoc MONDAL, Chandan Institute of Modern Physics, CAS Lanzhou China
Doctor MUKHERJEE, Swagato Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton United States
Doctor NOCERA, Emanuele Roberto Nikhef Amsterdam Netherlands
Doctor NONE, Yi Zhang Lanzhou China
Doctor PING, Ronggang ihep beijing China
Professor QIN, Sixue Chongqing University Chongqing China
Doctor RADICI, Marco INFN - Sezione di Pavia Pavia Italy
Doctor ROBERTS, Craig unknown unknown United States
Professor RODRÍGUEZ-QUINTERO, José University of Huelva Huelva Spain
Professor SEGOVIA, Jorge University Pablo de Olavide Seville Spain
Doctor SHEN, Chendi Tsinghua University Beijing China
Doctor SOKHAN, Daria University of Glasgow Glasgow United Kingdom
Doctor SOMOV, Alexander Jefferson Lab Newport News United States
Doctor SONG, Yu-kun University of Jinan Jinan China
SUN, Bao-Dong IHEP Beijing China
Professor SUN, Hao Dalian University of Technology Dalian China
Doctor TIAN, ye Shandong University Jinan China
TONG, Xuanbo ITP-CAS Beijing China
VOSSEN, Anselm Duke University Durham United States
WANG, Botan Tsinghua University Beijing China
Doctor WANG, En Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou China
Professor WANG, Fan Nanjing Univ. Nanjing China
Doctor WANG, Rong Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Lanzhou China
WANG, Taofeng Beihang University Beijing China
Doctor WANG, Xiao-Yun Lanzhou University of Technology Lanzhou China
Doctor WANG, Xiaoyu Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou China
Doctor WANG, Xiongfei IHEP Beijing China
Professor WANG, Yi Tsinghua University Beijing China
WANG, liping SDU shandong China
WENBIAO, Yan University of Science and Technology of China Hefei China
Doctor WENJUAN, Mao School of Physics and Communication Engineering, Zhoukou Normal University Zhoukou, Henan Province China
Doctor WU, Jiajun UCAS Beijing China
XIANG, Teng Peking University Beijing China
Professor XIAO, Bowen CCNU wuhan China
Doctor XIE, Ju-Jun IMP@CAS Lanzhou China
XING, Hongxi South China Normal University Guangzhou China
Professor XU, Qinghua Shandong University Qingdao China
YANG, Shizheng Shandong University Qingdao China
Professor YANG, Yi-Bo ITP/CAS Beijing China
YANG, Zhi IMP, CAS Lanzhou China
Professor YAN, Xinhu Huangshan College Huangshan China
YE, Zhihong unknown Buffalo Grove United States
ZHANG, Jinlong Stony Brook University Stony Brook, New York United States
ZHANG, Liming Tsinghua University Beijing China
Doctor ZHANG, Yi Lanzhou University Lanzhou China
Doctor ZHANG, Zhenyu Wuhan University Wuhan China
Professor ZHAO, Lei University of Science and Technology of China Hefei China
ZHAO, Minggang Nankai University Tianjin China
Doctor ZHAO, Zhiwen Duke University Durham, NC 27708 United States
ZHENG, Liang China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Wuhan China
Professor ZHOU , jian Shandong University Qingdao China
Professor ZHOU, Xiang Wuhan University Wuhan China
Professor ZOU, Bing-Song ITP, CAS Beijing China
Postdoc ZUREK, Maria Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley United States
于, 毅 Shandong University Qingdao China
刘, 占伟 School of Physical Science and Technology, Lanzhou University 兰州 China
唯, 梁 湖南师范大学 长沙 China
孙, 泽浩 山东大学 青岛 China
Doctor 尹, 佩林 南京邮电大学 南京 China
张, 哲 山东大学 青岛 China
Doctor 徐, 书生 南京邮电大学 南京 China
李, 聪 山东大学 qingdao China
梁, 作堂 Shandong University Qingdao China
武, 敬 山东建筑大学 济南 China
段, 春贵 河北师范大学 石家庄 China
潘, 艳蕾 山东大学 Qingdao China
Doctor 王, 少博 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China
郑, 杜鑫 山东大学青岛校区 青岛 China
郝, 成杰 河北师范大学 石家庄 China
闫, 高国 Shandong University Qingdao China
Doctor 高, 翔 Tsinghua Univerisity & BNL 北京 China