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Aug 16 – 20, 2019
Hualongcheng Hotel
Asia/Shanghai timezone

     QPT 2019 is the 13th workshop in the series of workshops on QCD phase transition and relativistic heavy-ion physics. The workshop will be organized by IOPP of Central China Normal University and by the department of physics of Hubei University for Nationalities. The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts and new-comers to discuss theoretical and experimental development on QCD phase transition and understanding of strongly interacting matter produced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions.

     Topics to be covered are:

    (1) QCD phase transition

    (2) Relativistic hydrodynamics and collective flows

    (3) Particle correlation and fluctuations

    (4) High pt physics and jet observables in heavy-ion collisions

    (5) Strong magnetic fields physics in heavy-ion collisions

    (6) Heavy-ion collision experiments at CSR,FAIR,RHIC and LHC

    (7) Other related physics.

     The workshop will be held from August 16th to 20th 2019 at Hualongcheng Hotel in Enshi, Hubei Province, China. 

We are looking forward to your attendance and talks are welcome. 

     Registration deadline: July 10, 2019

     Abstract submission deadline: July 10, 2019

     Registration fee:   1500CNY for faculty and  1000CNY for students.

     On-site registration : August 16, 2019

     Participants are responsible for the accommodation which can be arranged in Hualongcheng Hotel by the organizers at the request of the participants in the registration.

Hualongcheng Hotel
469 Shizhou Road Enshi, Hubei,China

Advisory Commitee: (in order by last name)

Liewen Chen(陈列文 SJTU)
Huangzhong Huang(黄焕中 FUDAN)
Mei Huang (黄梅 UCAS)
Zuotang Liang (梁作堂 SDU)
Jinfeng Liao(廖劲锋 INDIANA/CCNU)
Feng Liu (刘峰 CCNU)
Yuxin Liu (刘玉鑫 PKU)
Yugang Ma (马余刚 FUDAN)
Enke Wang(王恩科 SCNU)
Fuqiang Wang(王福强 ZJHU)
Qun Wang (王群 USTC)
Xinnian Wang (王新年 CCNU)
Hushan Xu(徐瑚珊 IMP)
Nu Xu (许怒 CCNU/IMP)
Zhangbu Xu(许长补 SDU)
Pengfei Zhuang (庄鹏飞 THU)
Hongshi Zong (宗红石,NJU)