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24-27 April 2019
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

List of registrants

Number of participants: 141

downname institution city country/region
Dr. ATHAYDE MARCONDES DE ANDRÉ, João Pedro   Strasbourg France
Prof. BARBERO, Marlon   Marseille France
Dr. BARSUK, Sergey   Orsay France
Prof. BASTID, Nicole   Clermont-Ferrand France
Mr. BERNARDI, Gregorio   Paris France
BRIENT, Jean-Claude   Palaiseau France
Dr. CABRERA, Anatael LAL/LNCA/APC Paris France
Dr. CACCIAPAGLIA, Giacomo   Lyon France
Dr. CAI, Chengfeng   Guangzhou China
Dr. CERNA, Cedric   Bordeaux France
Mr. CHANON, Nicolas   Lyon France
Dr. CHEFDEVILLE, Maximilien   Annecy France
Mr. CHENG, Zhenjing 高能所 Beijing China
Dr. CHEN, Gang   Beijing China
Prof. CHEN, Guoming   Beijing China
Prof. CHEN, Hesheng   Beijing China
Prof. CHEN, Mingshui   Beijing China
Prof. CHEN, Shaomin   Beijing China
Prof. CHEN, Shenjian Nanjing University Nanjing China
Dr. CHEYNIS, Brigitte   Villeurbanne France
Prof. CHIAPPETTA, Pierre   Aix-en-Provence France
Prof. DAVIER, Michel   Orsay France
Dr. DESCHAMPS, Olivier   Clermont-Ferrand France
Dr. DIACONU, Cristinel   Marseille France
Ms. DING, Yanchun   Wuhan China
Dr. DONG, Mingyi   Beijing China
Ms. DORNE, Lucie   Marseille France
Mr. FANG, ni CCNU wuhan China
Dr. FARGET, Fanny IN2P3 Paris France
Dr. FAUS GOLFE, Maria de los Angeles   Paris France
Prof. GAO, Jie   Beijing China
Mr. GRENIER, Gérald   Villeurbanne France
Mr. GUIMARAES COSTA, Joao IHEP Beijing China
Mr. GUO, Jun   Shanghai China
Prof. HAN, Ke Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China
Mr. HAN, Kunlin   Hefei China
Dr. HAN, Liang   Hefei China
Dr. HAN, Ran BISEE Beijing China
Prof. HE, Jibo   UCAS, Beijing China
Dr. HU GUO, Christine   Strasbourg France
Prof. HUANG, Huan Zhong   Shanghai China
Mr. HU, Haiming   Beijing China
Prof. JIN, Shan   Nanjing China
Dr. KAJFASZ, Eric   Marseille France
Prof. KOUCHNER, Antoine APC Paris France
Dr. LAGARDE, Francois SJTU Shanghai China
Prof. LAKTINEH, imad   Lyon France
Dr. LANSBERG, Jean-Philippe   Orsay France
Mr. LEE, JUNHO Peking University, China Busan Korea, Republic of
LEROY, Olivier   Marseille France
Mr. LESAUVAGE, Antoine   Villeurbanne France
Dr. LI, Bo   Villeurbanne France
Dr. LI, Changqiao   Hefei China
Prof. LI, Hengne   Guangzhou China
Prof. LI, Liang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China
Dr. LI, Shu   Shanghai China
Dr. LIU, Bing   Lyon China
Mr. LIU, Cheng IHEP Beijing China
Mr. LIU, Kun   Paris France
Prof. LIU, Yanwen   Hefei China
Prof. LOU, Xinchou 高能所 Beijing China
Prof. LYU, Feng   Beijing China
Mr. MANSHA, Adeel Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Beijing China
Dr. MAO, Yaxian   Wuhan China
Dr. MARCHAND, Jean-François   Annecy France
Dr. MARCHIORI, Giovanni   Paris France
Prof. MA, lianliang Institute of Frontier and Interdisciplinary Science Qingdao China
Dr. MONNIER, emmanuel   marseille France
Mr. MU, Hongjie Tsinghua University Beijing China
Mr. NOMIDIS, Ioannis   Paris France
Dr. PAIN, Reynald   Paris France
Mr. PANGAUD, patrick   Marseille France
Dr. PEI, Hua   Wuhan China
Mr. PERROT, Frédéric   Bordeaux France
Prof. QIAN, WENBIN   Beijing China
Dr. QI, Fazhi   Beijing China
Prof. QI, MING   Nanjing China
Dr. RAHAL, Ghita   Lyon France
ROBBE, Patrick   Orsay France
Mr. RUAN, Manqi   Beijing China
Mr. SAEED, Mohsin IHEP Beijing China
Mr. SANTOS, Daniel   Grenoble France
Mr. SHEN, Fan CCNU Wuhan China
Mr. SHEN, Zhihong   Beijing China
SHOU, Qiye   Shanghai China
SHOU, Qiye   Shanghai China
Prof. SUN, Liang   Wuhan China
Dr. T'JAMPENS, Stephane   Annecy France
Dr. TANG, Jiannan Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China
Prof. TANG, Jingyu   Beijing China
Prof. TANG, Zebo   Hefei China
Ms. TAN, Yalei   Wuhan China
TAO, Charling   Marseille France
Dr. TAO, Junquan IHEP,CAS Beijing China
Mr. TAO, Yi   Beijing China
Mr. TISSERAND, Vincent   Clermont Ferrand France
Mr. TURPIN, Damien NAOC Beijing China
Dr. URAS, Antonio   Lyon France
Dr. VACAVANT, Laurent   Paris France
Dr. VERDIER, Patrice   Paris France
Ms. WANG, Lu   Beijing China
Prof. WANG, Meng   Jinan China
Prof. WANG, Wei   Guangzhou China
Prof. WANG, Yifang IHEP Beijing China
Mr. WANG, hui CCNU wuhan China
Mr. WU, Yitao   Hefei China
Prof. XIE, Yuehong   Wuhan China
Prof. XU, Benda Tsinghua University Beijing China
Dr. XU, Qingjin   Beijing China
Mr. XU, Zehua   Beijing China
Mr. XU, deli CCNU wuhan China
Prof. YANG, Changgen   Beijing China
Prof. YANG, Haijun   Shanghai China
Dr. YANG, Litao   Beijing China
Prof. YANG, Zhenwei   Beijing China
Mr. YANG, jianquan Institute of High Energy Physcis Beijing China
Prof. YIN, Hang   Wuhan China
Prof. YUAN, Ye IHEP,Beijing 北京 China
Dr. ZHA, Min IHEP Beijing China
Prof. ZHANG, Ben-Wei   Wuhan China
Dr. ZHANG, Cen   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Dongliang Central China Normal University Wuhan China
Prof. ZHANG, Hong-Hao   Guangzhou China
Prof. ZHANG, Huaqiao   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Jianli NAOC BeiJing China
Mr. ZHANG, Liang Shandong University, CHINA Jinan China
Prof. ZHANG, Liming   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Shunan   Beijing China
Ms. ZHANG, Sijing IHEP Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, XIAOMING   Wuhan China
Mr. ZHANG, Yulei Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy Shanghai China
Dr. ZHANG, Zhiqing   Orsay France
Prof. ZHAO, Lei   Hefei China
Mr. ZHAO, Mingrui   Beijing China
Prof. ZHOU, Daicui   Wuhan China
Mr. ZHU, Yifan SJTU Shanghai China
Mr. ZHU, chengguang   jinan China
Prof. ZOMER, fabian   orsay France
Dr. ZUO, Shifan NAOC Beijing China
Dr. 张 (ZHANG), 雷 (Lei)   Nanjing China