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Last NameFirst NameEmailInstitutionPhoneCity


Dr. ALEKSAN Royaleksan@cppm.in2p3.fr CNRS/IN2P3/CPPMMarseilleFRANCE
Prof. BELLOC Bernard bernard.belloc@diplomatie.gouv.frHead of the French Embassy Science and Technology Council 
Dr. BIAN Jianguobianjg@ihep.ac.cn IHEPBEIJINGCHINA
Dr. BOUTIGNY Dominiqueboutigny@in2p3.fr CC-IN2P3+33 4 78 93 08 80VilleurbanneFRANCE
Prof. CHANG Chao-Hsizhangzx@itp.ac.cn the Institution of Theorectical PhysicsBeijingCHINA
Prof. CHAO-SHANG Huangcsh@itp.ac.cn Inst. of Theor. Phys., CAS62551247BeijingCHINA
Dr. CHEN Ganggang.chen@ihep.ac.cn IHEP10 8823 6006BeijingCHINA
Prof. CHEN Guomingchengm@ihep.ac.cn IHEP, CASBeijingCHINA
Prof. CHEN Shenjiansjchen@nju.edu.cn Nanjing University025-83592990NanjingCHINA
Mr. CHEN Zhenminzhenmin.chen@ihep.ac.cn IHEPBeijingCHINA
Dr. CHIERICI Robertoroberto.chierici@cern.ch IPNLLyonFRANCE
Mrs. CHOLLET  Frédériquefrederique.chollet@lapp.in2p3.fr LAPP IN2P333 450091644Annecy-le-Vieux 74940FRANCE
Dr. CONTARDO Didiercontardo@in2p3.fr IPNL CNRS/IN2P3VilleurbanneFRANCE
Mrs. CORDIER  Hélènehelene.cordier@in2p3.fr CC-IN2P3VILLEURBANNEFRANCE
Dr. CROCHET Philippecrochet@clermont.in2p3.fr LPC CNRS/IN2P3 +33 (0)4 73 40 72 94Clermont-FerrandFRANCE
Mr. DING Hengtongdinght@iopp.ccnu.edu.cn Institute of Particle Physics, Central China Normal University00862767867946WuhanCHINA
Dr. DOBRZYNSKI Ludwikludwik.dobrzynski@cern.ch LLR-IN2P3-CNRS01 69 33 34 9691128 PalaiseauFRANCE
Dr. FEDE Ericfede@lapp.in2p3.fr CNRS IN2P3 LAPPAnnecy-le-VieuxFRANCE
Prof. FENG Cunfeng Fengcunfeng.feng@gmail.com shandong universityJinanCHINA
Prof. GAO Yuanninggaoyn@tsinghua.edu.cn TsingHua UniversityBEIJINGCHINA
Prof. GASCON Susansmgascon@in2p3.fr IPN Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon IVILLEURBANNEFRANCE
Prof. GAY Pascalpascal.gay@cern.ch LPC UBP IN2P3Clermont-FerrandFRANCE
Prof. GOERLACH Ulrichulrich.goerlach@ires.in2p3.fr IPHC  IN2P3  CNRS  ULP03 88 10 66 4467000 Strasbourg FRANCE
Prof. HAN Lianghanl@ustc.edu.cn University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)+86 551 3600291HefeiCHINA
Prof. HE Maochengguang.zhu@cern.ch Shandong UniversityjinanCHINA
Prof. ILLE Bernardb.ille@ipnl.in2p3.fr IPN Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon I+33 4 72 43 13 58VilleurbanneFRANCE
Dr. JEZEQUEL STEPHANEjezequel@lapp.in2p3.fr LAPP/CNRS-Universit?de Savoie33(0)450091600ANNECY LE VIEUXFRANCE
Prof. JIANG Yijiangyi@ustc.edu.cn USTC0551-3600291HeifeiCHINA
Prof. JIN Shanjins@ihep.ac.cn IHEPBEIJINGCHINA
Prof. KLASEN Michaelklasen@lpsc.in2p3.fr LPSC Grenoble+33-476-284-052F-38026 GrenobleFRANCE
Prof. LE DIBERDER  Françoisdiberder@admin.in2p3.fr CNRS/IN2P301.
Mrs. LESSOUS Fannylessous@cppm.in2p3.fr CPPM - CNRS0033 4 91 82 72 08 MarseilleFRANCE
Prof. LI Xiaomeilixm@iris.ciae.ac.cn China Institute of Atomic Energy86-10-69357403BeijingCHINA
Mr. LIU Minghuilmh@mail.sdu.edu.cn Shandong University0531-88364526JinanCHINA
Prof. LIU Yanwenyanwen@ustc.edu.cn Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China+86 551 3600291Hefei, AnhuiCHINA
Prof. LU Fengluf@ihep.ac.cn Institute of High Energy Physics86-010-88233110BeijingCHINA
Dr. MANGEOL Dominiquedominique.mangeol@cern.ch IPHC0388106618StrasbourgFRANCE
Dr. MANSOULIé  Brunobmansoulie@cea.fr CEA-DAPNIA-Saclay33-169082350Gif-sur-YvetteFRANCE
Dr. MENG Xiangweimengxw@mail.ihep.ac.cn IHEP, USTCBeijingCHINA
Dr. MORELONIsabelle isabelle.morelon@diplomatie.gouv.fr Attachée to the French Embassy Science and Technology Council 
Dr. MONNIER Emmanuelmonnier@cppm.in2p3.fr CPPM/CERNMarseilleFRANCE
Dr. NAN Kainankai@cnic.ac.cn CNIC,CASBeijingCHINA
Mrs. NICOUD Sophiesophie.nicoud@urec.cnrs.fr CPPM / UREC - CNRS33 6 74 35 24 10MarseilleFRANCE
Dr. PERRET-GALLIX Denisdenis.perret-gallix@in2p3.fr LAPP/IN2P3-CNRS06 13 86 38 61TsukubaJAPAN
Prof. PING Jialunjlping@njnu.edu.cn Nanjing Normal University25-83598302NanjingCHINA
Prof. QI Mingqming@nju.edu.cn Nanjing UniversityNanjingCHINA
Prof. QIAN Sijinsijin.qian@cern.ch Peking University010-6275-5139Beijing 100871CHINA
Dr. QIAN Zuxuanqian@cppm.in2p3.fr in2p3/cppmmarseilleFRANCE
Dr. RAHAL Ghitarahal@cern.ch cc in2p333 4 78 93 08 80LyonFRANCE
Dr. ROBBE Patrickrobbe@lal.in2p3.fr LAL Orsay, IN2P3ORSAYFRANCE
Dr. ROOS Lydialroos@in2p3.fr CNRS/IN2P3/LPNHE and IHEPParis/BeijingFRANCE
Prof. SA Ben-Haosabh@iris.ciae.ac.cn CIAE8610-69357516 ext. 8207BeijingCHINA
Mrs. SHI Jingyanshijy@ihep.ac.cn IHEP88236838BeijingCHINA
Prof. SI Zongguozgsi@sdu.edu.cn ShanDong UniversityShanDongCHINA
Dr. SUN Zhihongzhihong.sun@cea.fr CEA Saclay, France+33 1 69 08 22 9791191 Gif sur YvetteFRANCE
Mr. TAO Junquantaojq@mail.ihep.ac.cn IHEP010-88236081BeijingCHINA
Mr. THIVOLLEJean-Claude cnrs@ambafrance-cn.orgRepresentative of the CNRS in China 
Mr. TOURNYOL DU CLOS Alain Representative of the Atomic Energy Commission in China
Mr. TRUNOV Artemartem.trunov@cern.ch CC-IN2P3LyonFRANCE
Mr. UNAL Guillaumeguillaume.unal@cern.ch CERNGenevaSWITZERLAND
Prof. WANG Enkewangek@iopp.ccnu.edu.cn Inst. of Particle Phys., Huazhong Normal Uni.027-67867938WuhanCHINA
Prof. WANG Qingwangq@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn TsingHua UniversityBeijingCHINA
Mrs. WANG Yanmingwym@ihep.ac.cn IHEP861088236838BeijingCHINA
Dr. WANG Yapingwangyp@iopp.ccnu.edu.cn Institute of particle physics86-27-67867946WuhanCHINA
Prof. YAN Baopingybp@cnic.cn CNICBEIJINGCHINA
Prof. YANG Jinminjmyang@itp.ac.cn The Institution of Theoretical Physics62550774BeijingCHINA
Dr. YANG Minyangm@ihep.ac.cn IHEPBeijingCHINA
Mr. YANG Zongchangyangzch@hep.pku.edu.cn School of Physics, Peking University010-52763888BeijingCHINA
Prof. YU Chunxuyucx2002@yahoo.com Nankai University13920885787TianjinCHINA
Prof. ZHANG Xueyaozhangxy@sdu.edu.cn Shandong University053188364516JinanCHINA
Mr. ZHANG Zhenzzhang@mail.ihep.ac.cn Institute of high energy physics010-88236081BeijingCHINA
Prof. ZHOU Daicuidczhou@mail.ccnu.edu.cn Institute of Particle Physics, Central China Normal University86 27 67867001WuhanCHINA
Mr. ZHU Chengguangzhucg@sdu.edu.cn Shandong UnivjinanCHINA
Prof. ZHUANG Pengfeizhuangpf@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn Tsinghua University62772696BeijingCHINA