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December 10, 2021
Central China Normal University
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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The slides of previous IOPP forum and seminar can be found at: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1k6-CivtWbp_pT4EZZmVprw access code: hj8v The files at even earlier date can be found at: http://ioppweb.ccnu.edu.cn/index/Even/Seminars.htm
---------- Time : July 22nd, 2020, Wednesday, 10:00am (Beijing time) Speaker: Prof. Jie Meng (孟杰) , Peking University(北京大学) Title: 基于形变相对论连续谱理论的原子核质量表 ---------- Abstract: The study of exotic nuclei far from the β stability line is stimulated by the development of radioactive ion beam facilities worldwide and brings oppor ... More
---------- Speaker: Prof. Manqi Ruan (阮曼奇) , 中科院高能物理研究所 Title: 对话上帝粒子:粒子物理中的未解之谜及未来对撞机 ---------- Abstract: 在标准模型看来,Higgs场是弥散在整个时空中的基本场,粒子通过和 Higgs场的耦合获得质量。作为质量之源,Higgs场和目前粒子物理中存在的种种疑难 ... More
---------- Speaker: 严力 研究员, 复旦大学现代物理研究所 ---------- Title: fluid dynamics of non-fluids ---------- Abstract: Relativistic hydrodynamics is the standard theory that describes fluid systems undergoing rapid expansion, such as the quark-gluon plasma in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. Recently, much attention of the theoretical formulation o ... More
---------- Title: Some recent progress in LaMET ---------- Abstract: Parton distribution functions (PDFs) are mandatory inputs in high energy scattering and also play an important role in searching for new physics at high energy. The recently proposed large momentum effective theory (LaMET) allows one to access the PDFs from first principle Lattice QCD. In this talk, I will ... More
---------- Speaker: Qinghua Xu (徐庆华) 教授 , 山东大学 (Shandong University) Title: Nucleon spin structure study at RHIC: Overview & Outlook ---------- Abstract: The world's only polarized proton collider, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, has been providing unique opportunities to study the nucleon spin structure since 2 ... More
---------- Speaker: 马连良 (Lian-liang Ma) 教授 , 山东大学 (Shandong University) Title: ATLAS实验上希格斯粒子性质的研究 ---------- Abstract: 希格斯粒子的发现是近几十年来粒子物理领域最重要的发现之一,实验上深入研究希格斯粒子性质,不仅有助于人们深入理解电弱对称性自发破缺机制,而且也 ... More
---------- Speaker: 耿立升 (Li-sheng Geng) 教授 , 北京航天航空大学 (Beihang University) Title: 自然界存在新的类原子核物质形态么? ---------- Abstract: 核力将不同数量的质子与中子束缚成原子核,其进而与电子组成原子,从而构成我们的可见宇宙。一个显然的问题是,自然界是否还存在由其它的色单态 ... More
---------- Time : Dec. 9th 2020, Wednesday, 10:00am (Beijing time) Speaker: 邹冰松 (Bing-Song Zou) 研究员 , 中国科学院理论物理研究所 Title: 重子中的五夸克成分与五夸克态 ---------- Abstract: 强子,包括介子和重子,是能从物质中分离出来的、已观测到的具有内部结构的最小单元。强子内部的夸克-胶子结构 ... More
---------- Time : Dec. 16th 2020, Wednesday, 10:00am (Beijing time) Speaker: 马永亮(Yong-Liang Ma) 教授 , 国科大杭州高等研究院 (Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, UCAS) Title: Topology change, emergent symmetry and compact star matter ---------- Abstract: The Physics of nuclear matter at high density is a totally uncharted domain. In our past effo ... More
---------- Speaker: 平加伦(Jia-Lun Ping) 教授 , 南京师范大学 (Nanjing Normal University) Title:夸克模型、重子-重子相互作用与双重子态 (Quark model, baryon-baryon interactions and dibaryons) ---------- 摘要:夸克模型在强子谱的研究中起了重要作用,目前仍然是研究强子谱、强子-强子相互作用和多夸克态的有效工 ... More
Title: JIMWLK Equation From Quantum-Classical Correspondence ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract: In Color Glass Condensate effective theory for high energy quantum chromodynamics, hard gluons whose longitudinal momenta larger than some cutoff scale are characterized by color currents. Wh ... More
********************************************************************* Speaker: 任中洲 (Zhong-zhou Ren) 教授 , 同济大学 (Tongji University) Title: 原子核集团结构和衰变研究 *********************************************************************** Abstract: 近年来,原子核集团结构和衰变研究是原子核物理研究热点之一,原子核阿尔法衰变链 ... More
********************************************************************* Time : May 6th, 2021, Thursday, 2:30pm (Beijing time) Speaker: 尹伊 (Yi Yin) 研究员, 中国科学院近代物理研究所 (IMP, CAS) Title: Shear-induced spin polarization in QCD matter *********************************************************************** Abstract : The measurement of spin polarization and s ... More
报告视频:https://lbnl.zoom.us/rec/share/n2rz-fqj8JwFd7mcmFKRhQK_K4rE1pF9cgI66tdB5WZO1og3Ze3V2GpN-pAmY8RB.9HhJc9gJwdd4mmXT (访问密码: ^j81sa9G) ********************************************************************* Speaker: 庄鹏飞 (Pengfei Zhuang) 教授 , 清华大学 (Tsinghua University) 题目:量子输运理论 ********************************************************** ... More
********************************************************************* Time : June 22nd 2021, Tuesday, 10:30am (Beijing time), Room 409. Speaker: 浦实(Shi Pu) 教授 , 中国科学技术大学(University of Science and Technology of China) Title:Spin Hydrodynamics and local spin polarization in hydrodynamic approaches *************************************************************** ... More
********************************************************************* Speaker: 孙小虎(Xiaohu Sun) 研究员 , 北京大学(Peking University) Title:Probing the Higgs self-coupling at the LHC 在LHC上探索希格斯粒子的自耦合 *********************************************************************** The discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the sum ... More
---------- Time : Sept. 14, 2021, Tuesday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Room 9409. Speaker: 林树(Shu Lin) 教授 , 中山大学(Sun Yat-sen University) Title:Quantum kinetic theory for quantum electrodynamics ---------- Abstract :In this talk, I will discuss recent effort toward deriving quantum kinetic theory for QED. By assuming parity invariance at the lowest order in ... More
Time : Sept. 28, 2021, Tuesday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Room 9409. Speaker: 许甫荣(Furong Xu) 教授 , 北京大学(Peking University) Title:核结构第一性原理计算 ---------- Abstract : 核结构计算大多建立在唯象模型基础上,但最近20年由于原子核手征有效场论的提出,以及核力重整化方法和量子多体理论的发展,开启 ... More
Time : Nov. 9th, 2021, Tuesday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Room 9409. Speaker: 付伟杰(Weijie Fu) 教授 , 大连理工大学 (Dalian University of Technology) Title:Real-time dynamics of the O(4) scalar theory within the fRG approach ---------- Abstract : In this talk, I would like to discuss the real-time dynamics of the O(4) scalar theory within the functional renormalizat ... More
Time : Nov. 19th, 2021, Friday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Online. Speaker: 赵玉民(Yumin Zhao) 教授 , 上海交通大学 (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Title:原子核之美 Abstract :原子核是复杂的量子多体系统,也展示了给许多惊艳的系统规律。 深入系统地认识原子核是现代科学的前沿与重大挑战之一。 报告人简介:1995年获 ... More
Time : Dec. 10th, 2021, Friday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Online. Speaker: 张丰收(Fengshou Zhang) 教授 , 北京师范大学 (Beijing Normal University) Title:Production of super-heavy and neutron-rich nuclei Abstract :The synthesis and studies of superheavy nuclei are very important not only for exploring the existence limit of the charge and mass of atomic nuclei but also for unde ... More
---------- Title: Strategies for New Physics Searches with the Upgraded LHCb experiment ---------- Abstract: Over the next decade, the upgraded LHC beauty experiment at CERN, LHCb, is primed to search for new phenomena beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. The upgrade comprises two phases, I and II. The first phase is currently ongoing and an almost brand new LHCb deterct ... More
Time : Dec. 14th, 2021, Tuesday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Online. Speaker: 林承键(Chengjian Lin) 研究员 , 中国原子能科学研究院 (China Institute of Atomic Energy) Title:原子核层次的若干宏观量子现象讨论 Abstract :如今,原子层次的一些量子效应在多个学科得到了重要的应用,如激光、原子钟、量子计算等。本报告针对原 ... More
Time : Apr. 27th, 2022, Wednesday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Online. Speaker: 柳卫平(Weiping Liu) 研究员 , 中国原子能科学研究院 (China Institute of Atomic Energy) Title:核天体物理前沿介绍和锦屏深地核天体物理实验进展 Abstract :本报告对我国核天体物理实验研究进展进行了回顾和展望。首先阐述了核天体物理作为交叉学 ... More
Speaker: Dr. Liu-pan An (安刘攀, 佛罗伦萨大学,INFN) ---------- Title: B_c physics at LHCb (LHCb上B_c介子的实验研究) ---------- Abstract: ---------- Experimental studies of the B_c^+ meson, which is the unique meson family composed of two different heavy flavor quarks, can reveal valuable information on the strong interaction. As a detector dedicated ... More
********************************************************************* Time & Place: Jan. 9, Thursday, 10: 00 am, Room 9409 Speaker: Prof. Wei-jie Fu (付伟杰,大连理工大学) Title: QCD phase structure at finite temperature and density within the functional renormalization group approach Abstract: ********************************************************************* In this talk ... More
报告题目:中微子振荡与宇宙反物质消失之迷 报告人:曹俊 (中国科学院高能物理研究所) 报告内容简介 ---------- 最近Nature封面发表了日本T2K实验关于“中微子振荡中物质-反物质不对称相位破缺限制”的论文。2019年“未来科学大奖”物质科学奖授予两位大亚湾反应堆中微子实验的领导者— ... More
---------- Time : May 27, 2020, Wednesday, 10:00am (Beijing time) Speaker: Ang Li (李昂)教授, 厦门大学 ---------- Title: Equation of state of dense matter from multi-messenger observations of neutron stars ---------- Abstract: The first observation of the gravitational wave signal from the inspiral phase of the binary neutron star merger GW170817 allowed ... More
---------- Title: Fundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves ---------- Speaker: Lijing Shao (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University) ---------- Abstract In this talk, I will (a) introduce the gravitational-wave events that were observed by the LIGO/Virgo detectors, (b) explore the relevance of these events to our understanding of fundamental ph ... More
---------- Speaker: Prof. Xiaosong Chen (陈晓松) , Peking Normal University (北京师范大学) ---------- Title: 复杂系统的临界现象与标度性 ---------- Abstract: 大量个体组成系统会呈现超越个体性质的关联、合作、涌现等集体行为,其中最为神奇和重要的是相变与临界现象。随着科技的不断发展,相变临界现 ... More
---------- 报告题目:奇特四夸克态物质寻找 ---------- 报告摘要:人类探索物质世界的好奇心驱动了科学和技术持续的进步和发展,目前人类对微观物质世界的认识已经发展到了夸克层次,发展了粒子物理的标准模型。实验上已经确认了含有2个夸克的介子(如π介子)或者含有3个夸克的重子( ... More