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交通 Ground Transportation

主会场地址: 上海交通大学闵行校区

Conference Venue: Shanghai Jiaotong University(Minhang Campus).

地址: 上海闵行区东川路800号。

Address: No.800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (in SJTU Minhang Campus).


As a convenient and economical way of keeping in contact while travelling, consider purchasing a SIM card at the airport (arrival hall, near luggage area) with a small cost (50-100 RMB varied by carrier, minutes and data etc.).


We recommend participants to take taxi to hotel and/or the conference site. Taxi is in general not expensive (tips are not required). DiDi App is very popular to call Taxi in China.


出租车信息 Taxi Information:


Destination: To SJTU Minhang Campus (Address: No.800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang, Shanghai)

1.  从浦东国际机场 From/to Pudong International Airport

     Taxi -cost ~ RMB 175-200 (about 50-60 minutes, 56 KM)

2. 从虹桥机场 From/to Hongqiao Airport

     Taxi -cost ~ RMB 90-100 (about 35-40 minutes, 30 KM)

3. 从虹桥火车站 From/to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

    Taxi -cost ~ RMB 90-100 (about 35-40 minutes, 30 KM)

4. 从上海火车站 From/to Shanghai Railway Station

    Taxi -cost ~ RMB 110-125 (about 45-50 minutes, 40 KM)


地铁 Public Transportation-by Metro:

Please go to the following information and maps for your reference: