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CEPC DAY (March 27, 2020)

Friday, March 27, 2020 from to (Asia/Shanghai)
Please download the Tencent Meeting client and register with your phone number, then log in to the software as usual. 
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The room number: 222 464 692
or the meeting room link: https://meeting.tencent.com/s/5jxqObke45ef3

The phone call to attend the meeting:
+8675536550000,222464692# (Chinese mainland)
+85230018898,,,2,222464692# (Hong Kong, China)

The call attendance based on your location:
+8675536550000 (Chinese mainland)
+85230018898 (Hong Kong, China)
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  • Friday, March 27, 2020
    • 09:00 - 12:00 Accelerators
      Convener: Dr. Qing Qin (高能所)
      • 09:00 CEPC Damping ring, Booster and Collider Ring Impedance studies 20'
        Speaker: 刘瑜冬
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 09:20 CEPC instability studies for high luminosity H and Z (100*10^34cm-2s-1) 20'
        Speaker: Ms. Na WANG Na (高能所)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 09:40 CEPC orbit corrections with magnet’s errors and influence to DA 20'
        Speaker: Ms. 源源 (高能所)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 10:00 CEPC ground vibration effects and requirement 20'
        Speaker: Mr. 毅伟 (高能所)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 10:20 break 10'
      • 10:30 CEPC Auxiliary system design progress and status for electricity and cooling water stations and systems 20'
        Speaker: 黄金书
      • 10:50 CEPC detector and MI region cryogenic system 20'
        Speaker: Mr. Tongxian ZHAO Tongxian (高能所)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 11:10 CEPC beam test facility in PAPS status 20'
        Speaker: Dr. Xiaoping 李小平 (高能所)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 11:30 CEPC SC magnets with different diameters 20'
        Speaker: 朱应顺 (高能所)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 11:50 CEPC 360GeV and 365GeV Power and SCRF Voltage Differences 5'
        Speaker: Dr. Song Song Jin (高能所)
        Material: Slides pdf file
    • 12:00 - 14:00 Steering Committee Meeting
      Convener: Prof. Yifang Wang (高能所)
      Location: 374 036 239
      Material: slides pdf file
    • 14:00 - 17:00 Detector, Software, Physics
      Convener: Prof. Xinchou LOU (高能所)
      • 14:00 Heavy Flavor Physics 40'
        Speaker: Prof. 海波 (高能所)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 14:40 CEPC simulation study updates 30'
        Speaker: Mr. Manqi Ruan (IHEP)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 15:10 break 20'
      • 15:30 Status of TPC Research 40'
        Speaker: Dr. Huirong Qi (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 16:10 Tracker Project 30'
        Speaker: Harald Fox (Lancaster University)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 16:40 Test beam proton@1.6 GeV 20'
        Speaker: WANG Jianchun
        Material: Slides pdf file