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The QCD Phase Structure: status of experiments and future prospects

Speaker: Peter Braun-Munzinger (EMMI)

Time: Jan. 19 (Tuesday) 6:00am (San Fransisco), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Frankfurt), 7:30pm(New Delhi), 10:00pm (Beijing), 11:00pm (Tokyo)

Abstract: The phases of QCD range from confined hadronic matter at low densities to deconfined and weakly interacting quark-gluon matter at high temperatures. A direct way to obtain experimental information on these structures and the transition between the phases is the study of particle production in relativistic nuclear collisions. We will summarize the currently existing information after more than 3 decades of experimental efforts at high energy heavy ion accelerator facilities. The experimental information available from very high energy collisions at RHIC and, in particular, from the  LHC is now precise enough to shed light on the nature of the chiral and deconfinement phase transitions and to make comparison with theoretical predictions from Lattice QCD calculations. Focus for the coming decade will be on the study of fluctuations and correlations to delineate critical behavior near the phase boundary and on measurements of  hadrons with 2 or more heavy quarks to gain insight on the mechanism of deconfinement.

Chair: Nu Xu

ZOOM link: Please register here, the ZOOM link will be send in the comming Monday by group email. By attending this event you agree to the seminar and discussion being recorded and posted on the seminar web site.

Starts Jan 19, 2021 22:00
Ends Jan 19, 2021 23:30