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Dec 6 – 10, 2021
Asia/Shanghai timezone

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Anhui RayShield New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 

         Anhui Rayshield New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and service provider of neutron shielding materials, neutron scattering spectrometers, and precision mechanical instruments and equipment. It specializes in providing shielding materials for neutron scattering spectrometer; Meanwhile, it is professional in the design, development, manufacturing, production, sales and after-sales service of precision mechanical instruments and equipment. In addition, the Rayshield company also provides services, such as technical consulting, technical services, technical training, and some others.
        The company has long been committed to the research and manufacturing of the precision mechanical equipment and new materials in the field of neutron applications, focusing on the localization of key neutron shielding materials and precision core equipment. At present, the company has formed a series of products, which can be divided into four different categories based on the application requirements. The first category is neutron shielding materials and the second one is neutron fine collimators. The Rayshield company is the first domestic manufacturer of fine collimators to achieve commercial mass production, capable of producing a full range of high-performance fine collimators, either with gadolinium oxide coating or boron carbide coating enriched with boron 10. The third is the neutron coating related products, and the fourth is the design and manufacture of precision mechanical equipment. Products said above are widely used for neutron radiation protection and in the field of neutron sources.