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PiNG 2021


The organizers would like to thank all of those speakers, poster presenters, participants, and representatives from our sponsors who participate in the 2021 Polarization in Noble Gases workshop during the ongoing global pandemic. 
This international workshop (held every three years) is devoted to presenting and discussing recent advances and current problems in the polarization, management, and applications of hyperpolarized gases (He, Xe, Kr, pure or combined with alkali vapors). Established as well as prospective fields of application in fundamental and applied physics, biomedicine, imaging, and instrumentation will be addressed. The workshop spans all areas of expertise, from the physics of the polarization processes, to surface science, to lung physiology.There will not be a registration fee for this online PiNG.

Topics included:

• Basics of hyperpolarization processes
• Polarization hardware, lasers & new techniques
• Polarized Targets
• Fundamentals of MR imaging
• Magnetometry
• Hyperpolarized 3He Neutron Spin Filters
• Clinical applications
• Drug development
• Diffusion NMR in porous media
• Fundamental physics/symmetries tests
• 129Xe NMR in surface science
• Hardware suppliers

International advisory committee:

Dr Earl Babcock (Jülich Centre for Neutron Science, Germany)
Dr Xin Tong (China Spallation Neutron Source, China)

Dr Thomas R. Gentile (National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States)
Dr Hong Guo (Peking University, China)
Dr Takashi Ino (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Japan)

Dr Wolfgang Korsch (University of Kentucky, United States‎)
Dr Pierre-Jean Nacher (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS-Universitè PSL, CNRS, Sorbonne Universitè, Collège de France, France)
Dr Brian Saam (Washington State University, United States)
Dr Geneviève Tastevin (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS-Universitè PSL, CNRS, Sorbonne Universitè, Collège de France, France)
Dr Thad G. Walker (University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States)
Dr Jim Wild (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)
Local organizers: 
Mr Bo Bai (China Spallation Neutron Source, China)
Dr Guang Wang (China Spallation Neutron Source, China)
Dr Junpei Zhang(China Spallation Neutron Source, China)

Workshop date:

6-10 December, 2021

Workshop time:

Poster time:

6-10 December, throughout the entire meeting with 30 mins poster time slots before and after the talks.

Registration deadline:
21 November, 2021.

Software :
ZOOM will provide the  workshop venue .KouShare provides live streaming. 

Poster website :
Group discussion function on ZOOM will be used as poster venue,1200mm*900mm(Vertical * Horizontal)




Contact us
    • Session1 81282918008


      • 1
        Status of polarized 3he development at the China Spallation Neutron Source 81282918008


        Speaker: 欣 童 (高能所)
      • 2
        In-situ JCNS style 3He SEOP polarizers for MLZ at FRM2 and ESS neutron instruments 81282918008


        Speaker: Dr Babcock Earl
      • 3
        TBD 81282918008


      • 4
        3He NSFs for sensitive neutron polarimetry and neutron E-field imaging 81282918008


        Speaker: Yuan-Yu Jau
      • 5
        Polarized 3He Target in High Magnetic Field at CLAS12 Jlab 81282918008


        Speaker: Xiaqing LI
    • Session 2 89160304050


      • 6
        Optical spectroscopy of a spin gas with five-millihertz linewidth
        Speaker: Ofer Firstenburg
      • 7
        Absolute 3He polarimetry for a double-chambered cell using neutron transmission
        Speaker: Dr WATANABE Atomu
      • 8
        Limits on Magnetically Induced Faraday Rotation from Polarized 3He Atoms
        Speaker: Wolfgang Korsch
      • 9
        Direct optical probes of noble gas nuclear spins
        Speaker: Skyler DEGENKOLB
      • 10
        Monitoring the nuclear spin in helium-3 by Faraday interaction
        Speaker: Matteo FADEL
      • 11
        Alkali-Metal Spin-Destruction Rates in Rb-Xe and Cs-Xe Systems
        Speaker: Zahra ARMANFARD
    • Session 3 82493221131


      • 12
        Absolute Magnetometry with 3He for measurement of the muon magnetic moment anomaly
        Speaker: Timothy Chupp
      • 13
        Nuclear Hyper-polarization of 3He in Magnetized Plasma
        Speaker: Dr BLÜMLER Peter
      • 14
        102-fold Improvement in Hyperpolarized 131Xe Production Using Spin Exchange Optical Pumping and the First Measurement of the Spin-Dependent Scattering Length in Polarized Neutron-Polarized 131Xe Using Pseudomagnetic Precession
        Speaker: Mr LU Hao
      • 15
        Multi-slice imaging of the human brain with hyperpolarized 129Xe
        Speaker: Vira Grynko
      • 16
        Upgraded Polarized Helium-3 Target and its Performance in Experiments at Jefferson Lab
        Speaker: Mr CHEN Junhao
      • 17
    • Session 4 83402171515


      • 18
        Hyperpolarization of 129Xe gas via dissolution DNP: tips and tricks
        Speaker: Dr Andrea Capozzi
      • 19
        Construction of a hyperpolarised gas filling station for medical imaging using polarised 129Xe and 3He
        Speaker: Wai Tung LEE(Hal )
      • 20
        Laser-enhanced polarisation losses in 3He MEOP: Assessment of the contribution of collision-induced 2 3P-1 1S excitation transfer and population redistribution in the 2 3P state
        Speaker: Marie ABBOUD
      • 21
        Revised form of the spin-exchange cross section correctly predicts experimental 129Xe polarization values
        Speaker: Miche KELLEY
      • 22
        Radio-frequency (rf) magnetometry based on the wave-mixing of optical and rf fields in atomic vapor
        Speaker: Sushree Subhadarshinee Sahoo
      • 23
        Metal-Organic Capsule-Based 129Xe Magnetic Resonance Sensors
        Speaker: Kang Du
    • Covid Session 82980339748


      • 24
        Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI and Biomedical Applications in China
        Speaker: ZHOU Xin
      • 25
        Hyperpolarized 129Xe Brain MR Imaging and HP 129Xe Molecular Biosensor Imaging
        Speaker: Dr ALBERT Mitchell
      • 26
        Multinuclear lung MRI assessment of COVID-19 patients at 6 and 12 weeks after hospitalisation
        Speaker: Laura Saunders
      • 27
        129Xe Gas-Transfer MRI RBC-to-Barrier Ratio in Post-Acute COVID19 Syndrome
        Speaker: Grace Parraga
      • 28
        Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Time-of-Flight – a method of imaging cerebral perfusion and brain function
        Speaker: Yurii Shepelytskyi
      • 29
        Helium-3 gas diffusion in ordered aerogels in a wide range of temperatures: MARGIN project
        Speaker: Vyacheslav KUZMIN