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Aug 13 – 18, 2023
Asia/Shanghai timezone

As one of the major options for future Higgs factories based on e+e- collision, the CEPC is expected to delivery 10^6 Higgs bosons, 10^12 Z bosons, 10^9 of W bosons, and potentially 10^top/anti-top quarks in roughly 2 decades’ operation. 

CEPC provides not only precise measurements of Higgs boson properties and EW observables, but also excellent opportunities for Flavor physics and direct New Physics signal hunting.

This workshop is devoted to the CEPC New Physics and Flavor Physics studies, to promote the corresponding Physics White Paper preparation, and to discuss the detector requirements and relevant key technology R&D program.

Local Organizing Committee

Yaquan Fang IHEP Yuehong Xie CCNU
Yu Gao IHEP Manqi Ruan IHEP
Jiayin Gu (chair) Fudan U. Dingyu Shao (chair) Fudan U.
Lingfeng Li Brown U. Chengping Shen Fudan U.
Shu Li TDLI/SJTU       Wei Wang SJTU
Zhao Li IHEP Xiaolong Wang (chair) Fudan U.
Jia Liu Peking U. Haijun Yang TDLI/SJTU
Meng Xiao Zhejiang U. Xu'ai Zhuang IHEP
Xiaoming Zhang CCNU Xinqiang Li CCNU


Session Conveners:

Detector: Mingyi Dong, Zhijun Liang, Yong Liu, Huirong Qi, Sen Qian, Haoyu Shi, Jianchun Wang, Xiaolong Wang, Linghui Wu, Haijun Yang, Xiaoming Zhang  

Flavor: Lorenzo Calibbi, Shanzhen Chen, Shan Cheng, Fengkun Guo, Jibo He, Lingfeng Li, Yiming Li, Tao Liu, Wenbing Qian, Qin Qin, Chengping Shen, Wei Wang, Yadi Wang, Yuehong Xie, Liming Zhang

New Physics: Yaquan Fang, Yu Gao, Jiayin Gu, Fapeng Huang, Liang Li, Lingfeng Li, Tianjun Li, Xinqiang Li, Zhao Li, Jia Liu, Zhen Liu, Zuowei Liu, Kechen Wang, Liantao Wang, Sai Wang, Xiaoping Wang, Lei Wu, Kepan Xie, Yang Zhang, Yongchao Zhang, Xuai Zhuang



A registration fee of ¥1000 (¥500 for students) will be charged on site. 


If you have trouble uploading your slides, please send it to Hanhua Cui at cuihanhua@ihep.ac.cn .

Important Notice:  Entrance registration (入校报备) is required for all visitors to enter Fudan University.  Please complete the form in the Survey section so that we could register your entrance in advance. 

There are 2 open surveys.