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Dear Colleagues, 

We are pleased to announce that the “Joint Workshop of the CEPC Physics, Software and New Detector Concept” will be held on May 23-25, 2022.  Due to Covid 19, the Online and Offline mode will be contribute to profound integration this time. 
Recent Progresses on Accelerator TDR leads to a significant update of the CEPC luminosity and operation plan. The CEPC is anticipated to produce 4 Million Higgs bosons, nearly 4 Tera Z bosons, over 100 Million W bosons, and is upgradeable to 360 GeV centre of mass energy, producing 1 Million top/anti-top quarks. The prior physics objective of the CEPC is precise Higgs measurements; while its capability on precision EW, Flavour, QCD measurements and direct New Physics Signal hunting shall also be emphasised. 

The purpose of this workshop is to promote the CEPC physics white paper studies, which is in synergy with Snowmass studies. In addition, we will discuss the major challenges on the detector and reconstruction technologies, update the software developments and review the progress on Detector R&D, especially towards the stringent detector performance requirements. 

The CEPC physics and detector study team has proposed a new detector concept with some features that are different from the CDR detector, including a Drift Chamber that is optimised for PID, a high granularity crystal bar ECAL and Solenoid Magnet between HCAL & ECAL, etc. We temporarily call this concept as the 4th CEPC conceptual detector, however this detector may also applicable to other future electron-position colliders. We have announced the detector concept naming competition last year, and there will be a voting session for the detector naming compilation during this workshop. You are still welcome to propose a detector name through https://www.wjx.cn/vj/YrpIg1Z.aspx before May 22, 2022.
We hope you register soon and are looking forward to your active participation online. 
Best Regards,
CEPC Office