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May 10 – 13, 2024
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

143 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation Country
Bai-Cian Ke Zhengzhou University
Bo Fang Wuhan University China
Bo Zheng University of South China China
Bo-Qiang Ma Peking University China
Chao Chen IHEP China
chao wang 河南师范大学 China
Chen Xie Nanjing University China
Chengzhi He Peking University China
Chia-Wei Liu TDLI China
ChuangQi Deng University of South China China
Chuangxin Lin UCAS China
Cong Wang Henan University of Technology China
Cong Wang Hubei Normal University China
Dayong Wang Peking University China
Fanrong Xu Jinan University
Fu-Sheng Yu Lanzhou University China
Guo-Liang Yu 华北电力大学
Hai Yang Cheng Academia Sinica Taiwan, China
Hai-Bing Fu Guizhou Minzu University China
Hai-Bo Li 高能所
Hai-Ping PENG 中国科学技术大学
Hailong Ma IHEP China
Hao Sun University of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Hao xiao University of South China China
Huaimin Liu IHEP China
Hui Li Nankai University China
Huijing Li Henan Normal University China
Jiajia Qin University of South China
jiajv wang wuhan university
jialei Shi Fudan University China
Jiao Zhang 洛阳理工学院 China
Jiaxiu Teng USTC
Jielei Zhang Henan University
jifeng hu 华南师范大学 China
Jin-Huan (金 环) Sheng(盛) HeNan University of Science and Technology China
Jingfeng Zhao Shanxi Normal University China
Jun-Kang He Hubei Normal University China
Kangkang Shao Lanzhou University China
Ke Liu Henan University of Technology
Ke Wei Whu China
Kunlin Han University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liang Sun Wuhan University
Liangchen Liu Nankai University China
Liaoyuan Dong IHEP China
Lu Yu 中南大学 China
Luyan Tao University of South China
Medina Ablikim IHEP
Nan Zhang ZZU
nengchang wei htu
Panting Ge Henan Normal University China
Pei-Rong Li LanZhou University China
Qin Chang Henan Normal University China
Shan Cheng Hunan University China
Shaoshi Rong Institute of High Energy Physics China
Shenglin Liu HIAS, UCAS China
Shengsen Sun Institute of High Energy Physics China
Shuai Zhou Central China Normal University
Shuopin Wen IHEP
Tengjiao Wang Nankai University China
Tong Liu Fudan University
Wei Wang Shanghai JiaoTong University China
Wenbin QIAN University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wencheng Yan ZZU China
wendi niu IHEP
Wenhan Shen University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wenhao Yan Central China Normal University
Xiang Pan SUDA
Xiao Wu 复旦大学 China
Xiao Yu HIAS
Xiao-Rui Lyu 中国科学院大学 China
Xiao-Yu Li 高能所 China
xiaokang zhou Central China Normal University
Xiaoling LI Shandong University
Xiaoxuan Ding Peking University China
Xin Zeng Fudan University China
xinru zheng Henan normal university
Xinyu Chai Peking University China
Xinyu Shan USTC
Xiqing Hao (郝喜庆) HENNU
Xudong Yu Peking University China
Xueyin Liu Wuhan University
Yang Li Fudan University
Yangheng Zheng University of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Yanlin Zhao SUDA
Yateng Zhang ZZU China
Ye Cao ihep China
Yijia Zeng IHEP
Yilong Wang Henan Normal University China
Ying Liu Lanzhou University China
Ying-Hao Wang Lanzhou University
YingAo Tang Wuhan University China
yingzhe yang Henan Normal University
Yongzhao Sun IHEP China
Yu Meng Zhengzhou University China
Yu Zhang University of South China
Yu-Kuo Hsiao Shanxi Normal University China
Yunyi Peng Lanzhou University
Yutong Feng University of Science and Technology of China China
Zaiyu Lv 河南工业大学 China
Zehui Lu IHEP China
Zhaoshen Xu 中国科学院大学 China
Zhen-Hua(振华) Zhang(张) University of South China China
Zhenxuan Li 南开大学
Zhi-Gang Wang North China Electric Power University
一鸣 郑州大学 China
耀 重庆邮电大学 China
佳俊 中国科学院大学 China
勇超 郑州大学 China
如盼 山东师范大学
小龙 郑州大学 China
西北工业大学 China
彦谷 Peking University China
郑州大学 China
振中 河南师范大学 China
新强 华中师范大学 China
明辉 郑州大学 China
郑州大学 China
朝峰 高能物理研究所
兰州大学 China
梦浩 武汉大学
楮文 广西师范大学 China
高峰 南京大学
泓鉴 兰州大学 China
浩然 University of Science and Technology of China China
清平 河南师范大学
湘楠 HIAS, UCAS China
华中科技大学 China
烨淳 郑州大学
瑞祥 广西师范大学 China
郑州大学 China
科臣(Kechen) 王(Wang) 武汉理工大学(Wuhan University of Technology) China
中山大学 China
云南大学 China
武汉大学 China
UCAS China
超杰 湖北师范大学 China
鹏勃 南华大学 China