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May 14 – 17, 2024
Science and Technology building of Nanjing University
Asia/Shanghai timezone


The meeting will canvass topics that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Emergence of mass: origins and expressions
  • Hadron structure: ground and excited states of hadrons and transition form factors
  • Hadron parton distributions: from 1-D to 3-D
  • Mechanical properties of hadrons: insight from experimental data and impact on understanding of strong QCD
  • Searches for new states of hadron matter, including systems with heavy quarks
  • Hadron spectra and structure using continuum and lattice Schwinger function methods
  • Advances in quark models of hadron spectra and structure
  • Emergence of atomic nuclei from strong QCD
  • Reaction models and amplitude analyses for extraction of QCD-interpretable quantities from experimental data
  • Towards understanding of quark hadronization from electroproduction off nuclei experiments
  • Insights into strong QCD from experiments at modern facilities, e.g., EIC (USA), EiCC (China) and CEBAF@22 GeV (USA)

Principal Organising Committee

  • Zhu-Fang Cui NJU
  • Ralf Gothe USC (co-chair)
  • Victor Mokeev JLab (co-chair)
  • Meng-Ting He NJU
  • Craig D. Roberts NJU (chair)


This meeting is (almost) entirely face-to-face.  Nevertheless, presentations will be broadcast on ZOOM:
Meeting ID: 960 207 0802
Passcode: NJ2021

This is a direct link to the ZOOM sessions:


Science and Technology building of Nanjing University
No. 22 Hankou Rd., Nanjing