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13-17 October 2014
PRC timezone
Transportation from Beijing Airport to your hotel:

(1) By taxi: You can get a taxi right outside the arrival terminals. It is about 40 km from the airport to Holiday Inn, Wanda Realm or IHEP Guest House. The fare is about 25 USD. If you take a taxi to the hotel, please show the following tag ①, ② or ③ to the taxi driver.

(2) By Subway: You can take Beijing Subway from the Airport Station to Dongzhimen Station, from which you may transfer to Line 2. Then make another change from line 2 to Line 1 at Jianguomen Station and take the direction to Ping Guo Yuan.
Stop off at Yuquanlu Station, take the north-west exit (Port A) and the IHEP campus is just at the north-west corner of the traffic cross. You can take the southern gate (300m west to the Subway Port A and walk to IHEP Guest House.
You can take a taxi right outside the subway port to Holiday Inn or Wanda Realm. Please show the following tag ① or ② to the taxi driver. The fare would be about 2.4 USD.

(3) By Airport shuttle bus: You can also take airport shuttle bus from the airport to the Gong Zhu Fen bus station. Please show the following tag ④ to the check-in staff. The fare is 24 RMB (4 USD). When you arrive at Gong Zhu Fen, you can take a taxi to the hotels or the IHEP Guest House. Please show tag ① or ② to the taxi driver and the maximum fare would be around 4.5 USD.