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Jul 24 – 30, 2016
Chengdu, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Scientific Program


July 24th,  Sunday
     08:30-9:45    Introduction to inflationary cosmology I -- Yungui Gong
    10:15-11:30   Introduction to superstrings and compactification I -- Hiroaki Nakajima
    14:00-15:15   Introduction to inflationary cosmology II -- Yungui Gong
    15:45-17:00   Introduction to superstrings and compactification II --- Hiroaki Nakajima

July 25th, Monday
    08:30-9:45     Inflation in string theory I -- Timm Wrase
    10:15-11:30   Axions I -- Joseph Conlon
    14:00-15:15   F-theory for model building I -- Iñaki García-Etxebarria
    15:45-17:00   Inflation in string theory II -- Timm Wrase

July 26th,  Tuesday
    08:30-9:45    F-theory for model building II -- Iñaki García-Etxebarria
    10:15-11:30  Axions II -- Joseph Conlon
     Afternoon: SPSC talks (see below)

July 27th,  Wednesday
    08:30-9:45    D-brane model building and conformal field theory I -- Gabriele Honecker
    10:15-11:30  Moduli of heterotic string compactifications I -- Magdalena Larfors
    14:00-15:15  Non-geometric string backgrounds and axion monodromy inflation I -- Erik Plauschinn
    15:45-17:00  Inflation in string theory 2 I -- Susha Parameswaran

July 28th,  Thursday
    08:30-9:45    D-brane model building and conformal field theory II -- Gabriele Honecker
    10:15-11:30  Moduli of heterotic string compactifications II -- Magdalena Larfors
    14:00-15:15  Non-geometric string backgrounds and axion monodromy inflation II -- Erik Plauschinn
    15:45-17:00  Inflation in string theory 2 II -- Susha Parameswaran


July 26th, Tuesday 
    Morning: preSPSC Lectures 
    14:00-14:10  Opening Address
    14:10-15:00   Linking dark matter to dark energy in a string theory scenario -- Henry Tye
    15:00-15:50   Searches for Axion-Like Particles with NGC1275: Observation of Spectral Modulations -- Joseph Conlon
    16:10-17:00   Global string embeddings for nilpotent Goldstino multiplet -- Iñaki García-Etxebarria
    17:00-17:50   The weak gravity conjecture, black holes, and cosmology -- Gary Shiu

    17:50-18:00    Group Photo
    18:00-20:00    Reception
July 29th,  Friday
    08:30-9:20   Type II model building at the crossroads between (astro)particle physics and moduli stabilization -- Gabriele Honecker
    09:20-10:10  Constrained multiplets in N=1 supergravity and their connection to string cosmology -- Timm Wrase
    10:30-11:20  Hierarchies and inflation in the mirror quintic -- Ivonne Zavala
    14:00-14:50  Relating double-field theory to N=2 gauged supergravity -- Erik Plauschinn
    14:50-15:40  Infinitesimal moduli of G2 holonomy manifolds with instanton bundles -- Magdalena Larfors
    16:00-16:50  F-theory duality in multiply fibered Calabi-Yau -- Xin Gao
    16:50-17:40  Classifying rank-1 d=4 N=2 superconformal field theories by Seiberg-Witten geometries -- Yongchao Lu
    17:40-17:50  Closing Remarks

July 30th,  Saturday 

Free discussion