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Aug 25 – 30, 2017
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Important information in the second circular!

Transport to the conference site

Transport to the conference site (Ronghu Hotel):

There will be two shuttle buses arranged to run from Guilin airport to Ronghu Hotel at 11:00 and at 16:30 on August 25, 2017. These are the times that several flights will arrive in Guilin from several major connection cities. In case that your arrival time does not match these two scheduled pickups please take the alternatives advised below:

  • Arriving by plane

Option 1: Take a taxi directly from Guilin airport to Ronghu Hotel (~35km, ~1 hour, 100-120CNY).

The local organizers can help arrange taxi to pick you up at the airport, but we are sorry that you will have to pay the taxi fee by yourself. If you need our help to arrange taxi, please contact Wei-Hong Liang by email (liangwh@gxnu.edu.cn), telling your flight and arriving time.

Option 2: Take the airport shuttle bus line 1 to the civil aviation building (~32km, ~50min, ~20CNY), and then take a taxi to Ronghu Hotel (~4km, ~15min, ~25CNY). Timetable of Guilin airport shuttle bus: from 7:00am till the last arrival flight, the airport shuttle bus runs according to the arrival flight.

  • Arriving by train

Taking a taxi costs about 20CNY (from Guilin Railway Station) or 40CNY (from Guilin North Railway Station).