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4-7 June 2018
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Young Engineers are encouraged to attend the open courses in 4th June. You can sign up when registering.
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Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission opening day: 05 January 2018
Abstract submission deadline: 08 May 2018

The Workshop is intended to address the latest practical engineering, safety and operational management applications and techniques that have been found to enhance the operational costs, reliability and flexibility.

All attendees are encouraged to contribute oral presentations (duration 20 minutes) and participate in informal discussions with respect to the following topics:

Cryogenic Development and Technology

  • Progress updates from research centers
  • New technology from industry

Cryogenic Systems Operations and Maintenance

  • Utility management
  • Equipment technical performance issues
  • System contamination and leak prevention

Cryogenic Systems safety and control

  • Equipment safety issues
  • Remote operation centers
  • Process control and automation

Cryogenic Systems Development

  • Application-specific design
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Superfluid helium

Abstracts must be received by Thursday, April 5, 2018. All abstracts, are to be submitted via online abstract submission site.

For each accepted abstract, the Program Committee will assign the time and date of presentation on the Workshop schedule. The Program Committee reserves the right to accept abstracts as oral or poster presentations. If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you will be notified by email around May 10, 2018 of your presentation date and time.

Possible actions you can carry out: