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4-7 June 2018
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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BEPCII Cryogenic System

The Beijing Electron Positron Collider Ⅱ( BEPCⅡ) a two-ring e+e- collider running in the tau-charm energy region (Ecm = 2.0-4.2 GeV), with a design luminosity of 1 × 1033 cm-2s-1 at a beam energy of 1.89 GeV. The cryogenic system was constructed during the upgrade of BEPC, which mainly including the cryogenic systems for BESIII superconducting solenoid magnet (SSM), superconducting quadrupole (SCQ) magnets and superconducting RF cavities (SRFC). The total refrigeration capacity is about 1kW/4.5K. The layout mainly including 1# Hall, 2# Hall and Cryogenic Hall. The cryogenic systems for SSM&SCQ are located in 1# Hall, in which the cooling capacity of refrigerator is 500W@4.5K,and capacity of LHe Dewar is 1000L. 2# Hall containing  cryogenic system for SRFC, where the refrigerator is the same as the one in 1# Hall,and the capacity of LHe Dewar is 2000L.


ADS Cryogenic System

InjectorⅠ, built in IHEP,CAS,is one of the important parts in accelerator driven sub-critical system (ADS),which needs two cryomodules operating at 2K cryogenic environment to realize 10MeV Proton beam energy. ADS Injector I 2K cryogenic system mainly includes the refrigerator with the capacity about 1000W@4.5K at refrigeration mode and 284L/h at liquefaction mode ,compressors, cryogenic distribution valve boxes,3000L Dewar,2K pumping system, 2K heat exchanger,J-T valve,and recovery and purification system,of which the capacity of storage helium gases is 20000m3 and purification capacity is 100m3/h. The cryogenic system for injector I will not only meet the operation of the superconducting cryomodules but also meet the vertical and horizontal tests for a variety types of cavities.