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18-22 June 2018
Chengdu(成都), China
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Shuang-Nan Zhang (Chair, Institute for High Energy Physics)

Matthew Baring (Rice University)

Roger Blandford (KIPAC)

Zi-Gao Dai (Nanjing University)

Keith Gendreau (NASA)

Alice Harding (NASA/GSFC)

Fiona Harrison (Caltech)

Alexander van der Horst (Columbian College of Arts & Sciences)

Di Li (National Astronomical Observatories)

Xiang-Dong Li (Nanjing University)

En-Wei Liang (Guangxi University)

Fang-Jun Lu (Institute for High Energy Physics)

Julie McEnery (NASA/GSFC)

Chryssa Kouveliotou (George Washington University)

Tsvi Piran (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Andrea Santangelo (University of Tübingen)

Liming Song (Institute for High Energy Physics)

Martin Ward (Durham University)

Jian-Min Wang (Institute for High Energy Physics)

Anna Watts (University of Amsterdam)

Ralph Wijers (University of Amsterdam)

Patrick Woudt (University of Cape Town)

Wenfei Yu (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)

Shu Zhang (Institute for High Energy Physics)



Liming Song (Chair, IHEP)

Yue Sun (IHEP)

Qian-Qing Yin (IHEP)

Hongwei Liu (IHEP)