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Travelling & Accommodation


Tianjin Hengda Hotel (Tianjin Hengda Century Resort)


Tianjin Hengda Century Resort is a five-star hotel brand owned and operated under the Hengda Hotels & Resorts. The “6+1” design model integrates; guest rooms, conference, catering, sports, entertainment, SPA and shopping together. It embraces “the First Hill in the East of Beijing”—Panshan Mountain Grade 5A scenic spot. There are 16 major scenic spots near at hand, which enhance each other beautifully, exhibiting the serenity of nature and the harmony of life. The hotel building stands magnificently at the center.


Elaborately built in accordance with the luxurious International five-star standards, the hotel has 293 well-appointed deluxe rooms and 8 villas equipped with the latest in advanced facilities. The conference center has 32 meeting rooms of various sizes and styles. The Pillar free banquet hall with nine-meters ceiling height is able to accommodate thousands of people for meetings simultaneously. It is equipped with a high-end multimedia conference system for simultaneous interpretation of up to sixteen languages, ideal for large multi-national conferences. The delegates can partake in the finest of cuisines and specifically themed tea/coffee breaks. The catering center gathers delicacies from all over the world. It can not only provide special banquet service, but also offers high grade Cantonese cuisine, Western-style cuisine, Healthy and 100% Green dishes as well as special snacks from all over the country and the globe. 


The sports center is designed according to professional international competition standards and embraces a constant temperature swimming pool, various gymnasiums and a fitness center to enable you to stimulate vitality and keep away from sub-health in sports. The health center is equipped with a professional medical examination center, foot care center and sauna massage center. The health center is a leisure center integrating SPA hydrotherapy, health-therapy, dietary therapy and health physical therapy.  The center enables you to relax your body and mind, experience the state of serene Zen spirit and balances the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth). The recreational center introduces top-level film city cinemas, children’s joy center, Yujing world club, and  luxury KTV Private rooms, equipped with top-level sound equipment.



Hotel Transportation



Tianjin Hengda Century Resort takes a close look at Beijing and Tianjin. The two cities converge here and therefore this place enjoys rather convenient traffic condition. The hotel is situated at a vital part of the capital area, where the three highway networks of Beijing-Jixian, Tianjin-Jixian, Beijing-Shenyang intersects vertically and horizontally. Under the spatial strategic development planning of “Circum-Bohai Sea Economic Zone”, “Beijing-Tianjin Integration” and the “Two-axis, Two-region and Multi-center” in the capital area, this place is becoming the tourist attraction of the greater extension of Beijing area and even circum-Bohai-sea region of the future. It is 60km from Beijing Capital International Airport and you can reach the central urban area of Beijing by driving for 45 minutes. Here, the natural landscapes switch freely with bustling city. 

How to get to the conference venue

1) From Airport Tianjin:

(there are direct international flights from major Asian cities to Tianjin Airport. You may also fly to major Chinese port Cities like Beijing, Shanghai and then take domestic connection flights to Tianjin.)

  • Take a taxi to Campus of Nankai University(No. 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, 23.1km, fare about 100RMB??.) The shuttle to conference venue at 16:00pm on the registration day(August 12).

2) From Train Stations Tianjin:

  • Take a taxi to Campus of Nankai University(No. 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, fare less than 50RMB??.) The shuttle to conference venue at 16:00pm on the registration day(August 12).

3) From Airport Bejing:

  • Take a taxi to the conference venue (70.4 km, fare about 300RMB, duration 1hour)



Self-driving High Speed Routes 


1) Beijing→Panshan


Route I: The highway leading from Chang’an Avenue to the airport ->Beijing-Pinggu Highway->Panshan Exit of Tianjin-Jixian Highway

路线二:通燕高速京哈公路邦喜公路  盘山

Route II: Tongzhou-Yanjiao Highway, Beijing-Harbin Highway, Bangjun-Xifengkou Highway; Panshan


2) Tianjin→Panshan

津蓟高速  盘山出口

Panshan Exit of Tianjin-Jixian Highway