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About SI2018

Welcome to the 24rd International Summer Institute on Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology (SI2018). The Summer Institutes have been held every summer since 1995. Most previous meetings were held at Mt. Fuji of Japan, except for SI2006 at Pohang (Korea), SI2008 and SI2016 at Xitou (Taiwan) and SI2012 at Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan), SI2013 at Jiri-Mountain (Korea), and SI2015 at Yan-Xi Lake (China).This year, SI2018 will be held at Tianjin, China. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to promote communications and discussions on research among participants, rather than to give pedagogical lectures for students. Therefore the scientific program is relaxed to keep enough time for discussions. We hope that the new ideas and research activities will be initiated from this institute.


Hadron physics and QCD, Neutrino physics, collider phenomenology, particle cosmology, physics at LHC, gravitational wave, physics beyond the Standard Model, etc.

Invited Lecturers

  • Craig D. Roberts, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Prof. Han, Tao, University of Pittsburgh / Tsinghua University
  • Dr. Joshua Berger, Assistant scientist at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Dr. Richard Ruiz, postdoc at the Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology, Durham, UK.
  • Dr. Cedric Weiland, the Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology, Durham, the UK
  • Vladimir Braun, Regensburg University

Date and Place

Local Organizing Committee

International Organizing Committee:

  • Chuan-Ren Chen (National Taiwan Normal U, Taiwan)
  • Kingman Cheung (Natl. Tsing Hua U, Taiwan)
  • Kiwoon Choi (IBS, Korea)
  • Koichi Hamaguchi (Tokyo U, Japan)
  • Tao Han (Tsinghua U, China / Pittsburgh U, USA)
  • George Hou (Natl. Taiwan U, Taiwan)
  • Jihn E. Kim (Kyung Hee U, Korea)
  • Pyungwon Ko (KIAS, Korea)
  • Otto Kong (Natl. Central U, Taiwan)
  • Jisuke Kubo (Kanazawa U, Japan)
  • Taichiro Kugo (Kyoto Sangyo U, Japan)
  • Takeshi Kurimoto (Toyama U, Japan)
  • Jae Sik Lee (Chonnam National U, Korea)
  • Cai-Dian Lu (IHEP, China)
  • Nobuhiro Maekawa (Nagoya U, Japan)
  • Shigeki Matsumoto (IPMU, Japan)
  • Morimitsu Tanimoto (Niigata U, Japan)
  • Qing Wang (Tsinghua U, China)
  • Tzu-Chiang Yuan (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  • Tatsuo Kobayashi(Hokkaido Univ.)  
  • Takehiko Asaka (Niigata Univ.)
  • Tetsuo Shindo (Kogakuin Univ.)
  • Koji Tsumura (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Kin-ya Oda (Osaka Univ.)