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23-27 October 2018
Beijing Kuangou (北京宽沟)
Asia/Shanghai timezone

1st MASR was held at Daigo in 1992 right after BSR92 (Biophysics and Synchrotron Radiation) in Tsukuba Japan and the 2nd MASR was held at Haga in 1997 right after SRI97 (Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation) in Himeji Japan; great steps followed the above two such as Grenoble in 2001, Trieste in 2004, Saskatoon in 2007, Melbourne in 2010, Shanghai in 2012, Grenoble in 2015. We believe we almost every 3 years came together to exchange knowledge and experience of using synchrotron radiation for biomedical use. Initial 1st and 2nd MASR were boosted at a time of a big tidal wave of IVCAG (IntraVenous Coronary AngioGraphy); nowadays our society pay much more attention to clinical therapy since 2010 in Melbourne. Meantime hardware of synchrotron radiation accelerator has been taking advancement greatly so that our synchrotron community is going towards advent of 4th generation light sources in coming say 5-10 years ahead such as ESRF, APS, SPring-8 and HEPS, a new synchrotron in Beijing. We have heard so that all of them will operate at 6 GeV coincidently. Furthermore in a same time scale XFEL’s such as at Stanford, Hamburg, SPring-8 have been in operation and others at Pohang and Shanghai would be in operation too. These could provide us with more high brilliance at least, even high 1st order coherence and high short pulses. At the same time instruments such as X-ray camera and X-ray optics based on crystal are intensively developing so that on this occasion it would be quite nice for us to meet together to consider synchrotron application to bioMedicine, Pathology, Clinical imaging and Clinical therapy in our bMASR2018. In this meeting the title of our previous meeting MASR has been changed to bMASR due to discussion among pre-stage Organizing Committee members. We are expanding the number of the members. In the second circular the list of all members will be announced.

Starts Oct 23, 2018 08:00
Ends Oct 27, 2018 18:00
Beijing Kuangou (北京宽沟)
Conference Center
Huairou, Beijing


Abstract submission opens: April 20th 2018
Abstract submission deadline: June 30th 2018
Notification of abstract acceptance : August 1st 2018