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16-20 August 2019
Hualongcheng Hotel
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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Presented by Mr. Biao ZHANG
Presented by Mr. Danning LI
Presented by Zhenyu CHEN
Electric conductivity in a viscous quark-gluon plasma
Presented by Dr. bing-feng JIANG
In this talk, we investigate the kinetic freeze-out properties in relativistic heavy ion collisions at different collision energies. We present a study of standard blast-wave fits and Tsallis blast-wave fits performed on the transverse momentum spectra of positive and negative pions, kaons and protons obtained in Au+Au collisions at collision energies of $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$7.7-200GeV at Relativistic ... More
Presented by 佳 陈
Presented by yanhua ZHANG
Presented by Karoly URMOSSY
Presented by Mr. Peng YANG
Presented by Mr. Shan-liang ZHANG
We study the nucleon as a nontopological soliton in a quark medium as well as in a nucleon medium in terms of the Polyakov quark meson (PQM) model with two flavors at finite temperature and density. The constituent quark masses evolving with the temperature at various baryon chemical potentials are calculated and the equations of motion are solved according to the proper boundary conditions. The P ... More
Presented by Mr. Hong MAO
Presented by Prof. Heng-Tong DING
Presented by Prof. Yifei ZHANG
Presented by Prof. Zebo TANG
Presented by Dr. ShenSong WAN
Presented by Dr. Bing-feng JIANG