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12-14 April 2019
Yichang, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the properties and degrees-of-freedom of dense nuclear matter at high baryon density region including the nuclear EOS, in medium modifications of hadrons, and phase transition. The status of the CBM at FAIR and MPD at NICA R&D efforts in China will also be discussed.

The registration fee is RMB 1200 (RMB 800 for accompany person) or Euro 180 (Euro 100 for accompany person).

Information for how to travel to Yichang: Yichang Travel Guide

Information for accommodation: Accommodation

Yichang International Hotel:

  • Address: No.121, Riverside Avenue, Yichang city, Hubei province, China
  • Tel: 86-0717-8866999

Self supported tour after workshop tour is also available, and tourist routes are available for your choice at your registration.

Starts Apr 12, 2019 08:00
Ends Apr 14, 2019 20:00
Yichang, China
Yichang International Hotel

Members of the Scientific Committee/LOC:


1) Dr. S.Q. Feng (Three Gorges U.)                           [fengsq@ctgu.edu.cn]

2) Dr. B. Freman (GSI)                                               [b.friman@gsi.de]

3) Dr. N. Herrman (Heidelberg U.)                            [N.Herrmann@gsi.de]

4) Dr. J.F. Liao (Indiana U.)                                        [liaoji@indiana.edu]

5) Dr. P. Senger (GSI/CCNU)                                     [P.Senger@gsi.de]

6) Dr. J. Stroth (Frankfurt U.)                                     [J.Stroth@gsi.de]

7) Dr. X.D.Tang (IMP)                                                [xtang@impcas.ac.cn]

8) Dr. Z.B. Tang (ustc)                                               [zbtang@mai.ustc.edu.cn]

9) Dr. F.Q. Wang (HZNU)                                          [fqwang@zjhu.edu.cn]

10) Dr. Y.P. Wang (CCNU)                                         [wangyaping168@gmail.com]

11) Dr. K.J. Wu (Three Gorges U.) (web master)       [wukj@ctgu.edu.cn]

12) Dr. Z.G Xiao (Tsinghua U.)                                  [xiaozg@tsinghua.edu.cn]

13) Dr. N. Xu (CCNU/IMP)                                        [nxu@impcas.ac.cn]

14) Ms. X.P. Yang (workshop secretary)                   [xiaopan.yang.mail@qq.com]

15) Dr. Y.F. Zhang (USTC)                                         [ephy@ustc.edu.cn]