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Aug 7 – 13, 2022
江西瑞昌(Ruichang city, Jiangxi province of China)
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Lecturers and Topics


Core Courses Frontier Lectures
 Nuclear Structure Theory  J. Meng (PKU)  Frontiers of Nuclear Physics  H. Sakurai (RIKEN)
 Nuclear Structure Experiment  Y. L. Ye (PKU)  Radioactive Beam  I. Tanihata (BUAA/TBD)
 Nuclear Reaction Theory  D. Y. Pang (BUAA)  Mass Measurement  Y. H. Zhang (IMP)
 Nuclear Reaction Experiment  C. J. Lin (CIAE)  EOS  W. Lynch (MSU)
 Nucleon Correlations   Jenny Lee (Hong Kong U.)
 Nuclear Astrophysics Theory  T. Kajino (BUAA)  Experiment-Nucl Correlations  T. Ahn (Texas A-M.)
 Light Nuclei Structure  Hooi Jin Ong (Osaka U.)
 Nuclear Astrophysics Experiment  W. P. Liu (CIAE)  South Korean Nuclear Device  K. Hahn (IBS)

 0ν2β Decay

 Y. F. Niu (LZU)