CCNU Relativistic Heavy-Ion Physics - fortnightly workshop (1)

ZeFang Jiang (Central China Normal University)

The first (pilot) workshop on Relativistic Heavy-Ion physics will be held in Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China on October 19 - 20, 2016.

Heavy-Ion physics investigates the properties of the strongly coupled matter created in Relativistic heavy-ion collisions at RHIC in Brookhaven and LHC in CERN, known as the quark-gluon plasma (QGP). The workshop will discuss recent developments in theoretical, phenomenological and experimental studies of this new hot-dense medium. Topics of interest includes:

- Jets, its production and modification in QGP

- Correlations and Fluctuations

- Bulk properties and transport models

- Quenching and transverse momentum broadening

- QCD theory

  • Kai Jia
  • Lei Wang
  • Lin Chen
  • Lin Chen
  • Shu-yi Wei
  • Yu Shi
  • 泽方 江
  • 祥宇 吴