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Apr 8 – 12, 2019
Hotel Jinchunyuan
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Final Announcement

The 5th Workshop on Chirality, Vorticity and Magnetic Field in Heavy Ion Collisions
                                                              (Chirality 2019 )

                                                  April 8-12, 2019, Beijing, China 

                                                       FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to thank you all for your interest in participating in the 5th edition of the Workshop on Chirality, Vorticity and Magnetic Field in Heavy Ion Collisions to be held at Tsinghua University ( http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn ), Beijing, China, from April 8 to 12, 2019. The arrival of participants is expected on April 7, Sunday, and the workshop will end around noon of April 12, Friday. The workshop web page is https://indico.ihep.ac.cn/event/8966/overview


April is a good season in Beijing city. The temperature during the workshop is between 8oC and 18oC. We suggest you to bring your jacket and sweater.

From airport to your hotel

Tsinghua University is located about 15 km to the north-west of the city center. It is 35 km from the Capital International Airport of Beijing, 20 km from the Beijing train station, and 10 km from the West Beijing train station. You can take shuttle bus (line 5 bound for Zhong Guan Cun) directly from the airport to the south-east gate of the university. The bus stop at the airport is just outside the arrival floor. It takes about 1 hour and the price isabout 25 RMB. Please ask the ticket office “Tsinghua University, please. 我要去 清华大学”. The hotel Unisplendour Center is only 50 meters from the bus stop Tsinghua Yuan. The other two hotels, Jiasuo and Jinchun Yuan, are inside the campus and are about 1 km from the bus stop, you should enter the campus through the south-east gate. Attached you can find the map of Tsinghua Campus.

The easiest way from the airport to your hotel is of course by taxi. It costs about120 RMB. Please ask the taxi driver “Unisplendour center of Tsinghua University, please, 我要去清华大学紫光中心”, or “Jiasuo of Tsinghua University, please,我要去清华大学甲所”, or “Jinchun Yuan of Tsinghua University, please,我要去清华大学近春园”.

Scientific program

The final agenda is attached. We kindly ask you to check the time of your presentation and let us know of any problem related to your travel schedule. Considering the time limit and topic limit, some of the submitted talks are not included in the program, we are sorry for this.


The venue of the workshop is the Lecture Hall of Engineering Physics Department (not the physics department!) which is about 500 meters from the Unisplendour center and 800 meters from Jiasuo and Jinchun Yuan, see the attached map of the campus.


Registration will open from 8.00 – 9:00 AM on Monday 8th and 12:30 – 14:00 every day. We also remind you that the registration fee is 200 USD to be payed cash or 1400 RMB to be paid cash or credit card upon arrival.


Lunch box: 12:30-14:00 every day, venue of the workshop

Photo: 17:45 April 8, Sunken square, school of science (理学院下沉广场)

Reception: 18:00 April 8, Lobby, school of science (理学院大厅)

IAC dinner: 18:30 April 9, Jinchunyuan restaurant (近春园餐厅)

Beijing opera: 18:30 April 10, Huguang Guild Hall, Beijing (北京湖广会馆), the departure time of the buses is 17:30 at the venue. 

Banquet: 18:30 April 11, Quanjude restaurant (全聚德餐厅), the restaurant is close to the Unisplendour center. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Beijing!

Pengfei Zhuang (for the Chirality 2019 organizing committee) March 30, 2019