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Apr 8 – 12, 2019
Hotel Jinchunyuan
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

108 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Aihong Tang Brookhaven National Lab
Angel Domingo Gallegos Pazos Utrecht University
Anping Huang Tsinghua University
Aradhya Kumar Shukla School of Physics and Astronomy, Sun Yat-Sen University
AVDHESH KUMAR Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Bo Feng Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Che-Ming Ko Texas A&M University
Chengfu Mu Huzhou University
Defu Hou CCNU
Dirk Rischke Goethe University
Enrico Speranza Goethe University
fenglan shao qufu normal university
Francesco Becattini University of Florence
Fuqiang Wang Purdue University, Huzhou University
Gang Wang UCLA
Gaoqing Cao Sun Yat-sen University
George Prokhorov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, BLTP
gezheng zhou SYSU
GONGMING YU Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guo-Liang Ma Fudan University
Hai Wang SINAP
Hao-Lei Chen Fudan University
Heng-Tong DING Central China Normal University
Hidetoshi Taya Fudan University
Hongzhong Wu USTC
Huan Zhong Huang Fudan/UCLA
Hui Li FuDan University
Hui Liu Phys. Dept., Jinan University
Huichao Song Peking Univ
Jianhua Gao Shandong University
Jie Zhao Purdue Unversity
JINFENG LIAO Indiana University
Jun Xu Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS
Kenji Fukushima The University of Tokyo
Lan Lan Gao fudan university
Lang Yu Jilin University
Laszlo Csernai University of Bergen / IFT
Li Yan Fudan University
Li Yi Shandong University
Lianyi He Tsinghua University
Lixin Yang Sun Yat-Sen University
Mamoru Matsuo Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mei Huang UCAS
Mengliang WANG Guizhou University of Finance and Economics
Michael Lisa Ohio State University
Miklos Horvath CCNU IoPP
Minghua Wei IHEP
Niklas Mueller Brookhaven National Laboratory
Pengfei Zhuang Tsinghua University
Qiye Shou Fudan University
Qun Wang University of Science and Technology of China
Radoslaw Ryblewski Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN
Ranbir Singh National Institute of Science Education and Research
Roy Lacey Stony Brook University
Sergei Voloshin Wayne State University
Shanjin Wu Peking University
Sheng-Qin Feng China Three Gorges University
Shi Pu University of Science and Technology of China
Shizheng YANG Shandong University
Shu Lin Sun Yat-Sen University
Shuai Wang Fudan University
shuxiang ma Shandong University (weihai)
Shuzhe Shi McGill University
Song Zhang Fudan University
Takafumi Niida Wayne State University
Teiji Kunihiro Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Wei Dai China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
Wenchang Xiang 贵州财经大学
Wenhao ZHOU Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS
Xianglei Zhu Tsinghua University
Xiao-Liang Xia Fudan University
Xiaofeng Luo Central China Normal University
Xiaoli Luo Shandong University at Weihai
Xingyu Guo South China Normal University
Xinli Sheng University of Science and Technology of China
xinyang wang Jiangsu University
Xu-Guang Huang Fudan University
Yanbing Cai GuiZhou University of Finance and Economics
Yi Yang GuiZhou University of Finance and Economics
Yi Yin MIT
yilin cheng Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics,CAS
Yilong Xie China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
Yin Jiang Beihang University
Yu-Chen Liu Fudan university
Yu-Gang Ma Fudan Uni. & SINAP-CAS
yuanyuan Hu Guizhou University of Finance and Economics
Yun Guo Guangxi normal university
Zeyan WANG Tsinghua University
Zeyu Zhai University of Science and Technology of China
Zhangbu Xu BNL/SDU
Zhe Xu Tsinghua University
Zhen-Yan LU ITP, CAS
Zhiwei DU Fudan University
俊杰 中国科学技术大学
冰峰 湖北民族大学
凤涛 中国科学院上海应用物理研究所
励霖 Sichuan University
子睿 Shandong University
安科 Wuhan University of Technology
梳苏 Central China Normal University
渊晟 Fudan University
迪宇 上海应用物理研究所