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Workshop Organizing Committees

 Scientific Program Committee:

Name Institute Name Institute
Xin Chen THU Jianbei Liu USTC
Joao Guimaraes da Costa IHEP Lianliang Ma SDU
Yaquan Fang (Chair) IHEP Jianming Qian University of Michigan
Yuanning Gao PKU Manqi Ruan (Chair) IHEP
Hongjian He SJTU Jianchun Wang (Chair) IHEP
Xiaogang He SJTU Liantao Wang University of Chicago
Xingtao Huang SDU Haijun Yang (Chair) SJTU
Shan Jin NJU Kai Yi NNU
Gang Li IHEP Lei Zhang NJU
Haibo Li IHEP Liming Zhang PKU
Qiang Li PKU Hongbo Zhu ZJU
Weidong Li IHEP Huaxing Zhu ZJU
Zhijun Liang  IHEP    


Local Organizing Committee:

Name Institute Name Institute
Yaquan Fang (Chair) IHEP Jin Wang IHEP
Yiming Li IHEP Yaru Wu IHEP
Kun Liu SJTU Tianhong Xing IHEP
Manqi Ruan (Chair) IHEP Da Xu IHEP
Weimin Song JLU Hongjuan Xu IHEP