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Participant List

Number of participants: 113

downname institution position city country/region
Mr. ANDOM GHEBRETINSAE, FILMON Wuhan University of Technology Student Wuhan China
Dr. BHATTACHARYA, Srimoy University of the Witwatersrand Post Doctoral Fellow Johannesburg South Africa
Dr. BONDARENKO, Serge Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Chief of sector Dubna Russian Federation
Dr. BOYKO, Igor Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Senior Researcher Dubna Russian Federation
Prof. BOZOVIC, Ivanka VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade Head of the experimental HEP group Belgrade Serbia
CALIBBI, Lorenzo Nankai University Associate Professor Tianjin China
Dr. CHENG, Shan Hunan University Senior Changsha China
Dr. CHEN, Gang IHEP Prof Beijing City, China China
Prof. CHEN, Mingshui IHEP Prof Beijing China
CHEN, Shanzhen IHEP, CAS Associate Professor Beijing China
Mr. CHE, Yuzhi IHEP Beijing Beijing China
DAM, Mogens Niels Bohr Institute Prof Copenhagen Denmark
Dr. DAVID CHRISTIAN, MBAH University of Douala Part-time Teacher Douala Cameroon
Dr. DE BLAS, Jorge University of Granada Researcher Granada Spain
Dr. DENG, Zhi 清华大学 Associate Professor Beijing China
Dr. DESCOTES-GENON, Sébastien IJCLab (CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay) Staff Orsay France
Dr. DONG, Mingyi IHEP Professor Beijing China
Mr. DUDAR, Bohdan DESY PhD Hamburg Germany
DU, Dejing IHEP student Beijing China
Mr. DYDYSHKA, Yahor Joint Institute for Nuclear Research scientific researcher Dubna Russian Federation
Prof. FANG YAQUAN, Yaquan 高能所 研究员 Beijing China
Dr. FANG, WENXING 高能所 Staff Beijing China
Prof. GAO, Jie IHEP CEPC Accelerator Group Convener, CEPC IB vice chairman Beijing China
GAO, Yu IHEP 副研究员 Beijing China
Prof. GAO, Yuanning Peking University Professor Beijing China
Dr. GAUDIO, Gabriella INFN Pavia Researcher Pavia Italy
Prof. HE, Jibo UCAS Professor Beijing China
HENGYU, Wang Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Science phd Bejing China
HOU, Suen IPAS Fellow Taipei Taiwan, China
Prof. HUANG, Fa Peng Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University 副教授 zhuhai China
JEANS, Daniel KEK Assoc Prof Tsukuba Japan
KALINOVSKAYA, Lidia JINR staff Dubna Russian Federation
Dr. KUMAR, Mukesh University of the Witwatersrand Academics Johannesburg South Africa
LI 李, Yiming 一鸣 IHEP Associate researcher Beijing China
Prof. LIANG, Zhijun IHEP Researcher Beijing China
LIAO, Jiajun Sun Yat-Sen University Associate Professor Guangzhou China
Dr. LI, Gang 高能所 Faculty Shijingshan District, Beijing China
LI, Lingfeng Brown U. Postdoc Providence United States
Dr. LIN, Tao IHEP Associate Professor Beijing China
LIU, Danning Tsung Dao Lee Instititue & Shanghai Jiao Tong University Student Shanghai China
LIU, Jia Peking University Faculty Beijing China
Prof. LIU, Jianbei University of Science and Technology of China Professor Hefei China
Dr. LIU, Yong Institute of High Energy Physics Staff Beijing China
Dr. LIU, Yu Dong IHEP Staff Beijing China
LI, Zhan IHEP 学生 Beijing China
Dr. LYU, Feng Institute of High Energy Physics Associated Professor beijing China
Dr. MA, Kai Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study postdoc Hangzhou China
Mr. MATHAHA, Thuso University of the Witwatersrand Student Johannesburg South Africa
Prof. MELLADO, Bruce University of the Witwatersrand and iThemba LABS Director, Institute for Collider Particle Physics Johannesburg South Africa
Dr. MING, Lei SYSU Postdoc Guangzhou China
Mr. MOKGATITSWANE, Gaogalalwe University of the Witwatersrand Doctoral sttudent Johannesburg South Africa
Ms. MTINTSILANA, Onesimo University of Witwatersrand PhD candidate Johannesburg South Africa
Mr. MULAUDZI, Anza-Tshilidzi University of the Witwatersrand Student Johannesburg South Africa
Dr. NING, Feipeng IHEP Associate Professor Beijing China
Prof. OKAWA, Hideki Fudan University Professor Shanghai China
Prof. QIAN, Sen IHEP,CAS Prof. Beijing China
Mr. QI, Baohua IHEP PhD candidate Beijing China
Prof. QI, MING nanjing university Prof. Nanjing China
Dr. RAZA, Shabbar Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology Assistant Professor Karachi Pakistan
Dr. ROBENS, Tania Ruder Boskovic Institut Staff Zagreb Croatia
Mr. RUAN, Manqi IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. SADYKOV, Renat Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Senior Researcher Dubna Russian Federation
SHA, Qiyu ihep postgraduate Beijing China
Dr. SHI, Haoyu IHEP Staff Beijing China
Prof. SHI, Xin IHEP Associate Professor Beijing China
Dr. SMILJANIĆ, Ivan Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences Research Associate Belgrade Serbia
SONG, Huayang Institute of Theoretical Physics Postdoc Beijing China
Ms. SONG, Qian University of Pittsburgh Graduate Student Pittsburgh United States
Dr. SONG, Weimin Jilin University Professor Changchun China
Prof. SU, Shufang University of Arizona Professor Tucson United States
Dr. SU, Wei KIAS Postdoc Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. SWAIN, Abhaya K University of the Witwatersrand Postdoctoral Fellow Johannesburg South Africa
Prof. TANG, Jingyu IHEP, CAS Professor Beijing China
Prof. TAYALATI, yahya University Mohammed V in Rabat Professor Rabat Morocco
TIAN, minglun wuhan university of technology wuhan wuhan China
TLOU, Humphry University of the Witwatersrand Doctoral student Johannesburg South Africa
Dr. TRAN, Van Que TDLI - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Postdoc Shanghai China
Prof. WANG, Jianchun IHEP Professor Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Kun University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Faculty Shanghai China
WANG, Shudong 高能所(IHEP,CAS) student Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Wei IHEP Postdoc Beijing China
WANG, Xiaolong Fudan University Junior Professor Shanghai China
Prof. WANG, Xiaoping Beihang University associate professor Beijing China
WANG, Yuexin IHEP Student Beijing China
XU, Da IHEP, CAS AP Beijing China
YANG, Haijun Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Shanghai China
Mr. YERMOLCHYK, Vitaly JINR & INP BSU Researcher Dubna Russian Federation
Prof. YUAN, Ye 高能所 Researcher Beijing China
ZENG, Hao IHEP student Beijing China
Prof. ZHANG, Hong-Hao School of Physics, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China professor Guangzhou China
Dr. ZHANG, Yang Zhengzhou University Staff Zhengzhou China
ZHANG, Ying IHEP Associate Professor Beijing China
Prof. ZHANG, Yu 合肥工业大学 副教授 Hefei China
Dr. ZHANG, Yunlong University of Science and Technology of China none Hefei China
ZHAO, Mingrui China Institute of Atomic Energy Mr Beijing China
Mr. ZHAO, Zhiyu TDLI/SJTU Shanghai Shanghai China
ZHUANG , Xuai 高能所 Professor Beijing China
Dr. ZHU, Jiang Huazhong University of Science and Technology Docter Wuhan China
Dr. ZHU, Pengxuan Dalian University Lecturer Dalian China
Prof. ZHU, Yingshun 高能所 Prof. Beijing China
ZHU, Yongfeng IHEP PHD Beijing China
孙, 悦 高能所 北京 北京 China
Dr. 张, 孟超 Jinan University associate professor Guangzhou China
Ms. 张, 鸿玉 Fudan university student shanghai China
Dr. 朱, 瑞林 Nanjing Normal University Associate Professor Nanjing China
Prof. 朱, 经亚 河南大学 Prof 郑州/开封 China
Dr. 林青, 高 高能所 Graduate student Beijing China
Mr. 柏, 凌霄 武汉理工大学 武汉 wuhan China
Prof. 王(WANG), 科臣(Kechen) 武汉理工大学(Wuhan University of Technology) Professor Wuhan China
Dr. 蔡, 成丰 中山大学 副研究员 广州 China
谢, 柯盼 University of Nebraska-Lincoln PostDoc Lincoln United States
Dr. 赵, 晓 高能所 postdoc beijing China
边, 立功 重庆大学 Associate Professor Chongqing(重庆) China