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May 14 – 17, 2024
Science and Technology building of Nanjing University
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Nanjing is the old Capital of Imperial China. Situated on the banks of the Yangtze River, Nanjing lies approximately 300km WNW of Shanghai, from where it can be reached via high-speed train in less-than 2 hours.  Nanjing also has a comfortable international airport, with direct out- and in-bound flights connecting it to many of the world's major hubs.

A compact city of 9.4-million people, with an excellent public transport network and a measurable international expatriate community, Nanjing is rated the most livable city in China by natives and foreigners alike. The Old Campus of Nanjing University (NJU) is located in the Gulou district, which bustles with activity, day and night.  Gulou is popular, e.g. with both Chinese and international students.  It is 2 metro stops from Xinjeikou, the business and commercial centre of Nanjing.

Significantly, too, Nanjing is home to numerous institutes of higher learning. In fact, the ratio of university students to total population is the highest in China.  NJU is the premier institute; and one of the world's top-ranked universities <https://www.natureindex.com/institution-outputs/generate/All/global/academic/score>.



• Many Asia-Pacific airlines operate direct flights into Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG).

• From Europe and the USA, one can readily use a code-share flight to reach Nanjing (one stop in Beijing) from any of the major flight hubs.



• Taxi from NKG to the Golden Eagle is approximately Euro-25.

• Alternatively, with one change, at Nanjing South Railway Station, the subway will take a person from NKG(Nanjing Nanjing Lukou International Airport Station) to the exact location of the Golden Eagle (Zhujianglu Station.) for approximately Euro 1.50.



Naturally, our members would act as guides (meet-and-greet, etc.) for those people in need.



• It is, perhaps, worth adding here that, unlike many western cities, Nanjing is extremely safe: a person can venture anywhere, anytime, with complete confidence. 

• Moreover, Chinese people are extremely helpful and hospitable, so getting around without a knowledge of the language can fairly effectively be overcome.  Of course, it helps if one has simple translation software on their smartphone.