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May 14 – 17, 2024
Science and Technology building of Nanjing University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

109 participants

Last Name First Name Affiliation Country
Abhay Deshpande Stony Brook University United States
Bai Xinyv Nanjing University China
Bian Wen-Hao NJU China
Binosi Daniele ECT* Italy
Cao Xianghui University of Science and Technology of China China
Cao Ye ihep China
Chang Lei Nankai Univ China
Chang Wen-Chen Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Taiwan, China
Chen Chen USTC China
Chen Dian-Yong Southeast University China
Chen Hua-Xing Southeast University China
Chen Kai-Bao Shandong Jianzhu University China
Chen Ying IHEP China
Cheng Dandan Nanjing University China
Cheng Peng Anhui Normal University China
Cole Philip Lamar University United States
Cui Yaqi Nanjing University China
Cui Zhu-Fang Nanjing University China
Denisov Oleg CERN/INFN, sezione di Torino Italy
Ding Ming-Hui HZDR China
Doering Michael The George Washington University United States
Duan Ming-Xiao IHEP China
Gong Chang CCNU China
Gothe Ralf University of South Carolina United States
Guo Feng-Kun Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS China
Guo Ke-Yu NJU China
HE BingRan Nanjing Normal University China
He Meng-Ting NJU China
Hu Haiming IHEP, CAS China
Hu Yuchen Nanjing University China
Huang Guangshun University of Science and Technology of China China
Huang Qi Nanjing Normal University China
Jerry P. Draayer Louisiana State University United States
Joo Kyungseon ​University of Connecticut United States
Kang Jiayin Nankai University China
Kang Xian-Wei Beijing Normal University China
Kaur Satvir Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou China
Koutsou Giannis The Cyprus Institute Cyprus
Kuhn Sebastian Old Dominion University United States
Li Qianhui Nanjing university China
Li Wenliang Stony Brook United States
Li Xiaqing Shandong University China
Li Xinpeng Nanjing University China
Li Yang University of Science and Technology of China China
Liang Yutie Institute of Modern Physics, CAS China
Lin Huey-Wen Michigan State University United States
Liu Feng-Xiao ihep China
Liu Tianbo Shandong University China
Liu Zuowei Nanjing University China
Lu Ya Nanjing Tech University China
Ma Haole Nanjing University China
Ma Yong-Liang Nanjing University China
Mezrag Cédric Irfu, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay France
Milner Richard MIT United States
Mineeva Taisiya CCTVaL Chile
Mokeev Victor JLAB United States
Mondal Chandan Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Muhammad Atif Sultan Nankai University Pakistan
Narciso Ferreira Mauricio Institute for Nonperturbative Physics, Nanjing University China
Parsamyan Bakur AANL, CERN and INFN Turin section Switzerland
Ping Jialun Nanjing Normal University China
Pyszkowski Bartosz Kyoto University Japan
Qiu Lin Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS China
Raya Montaño Khépani University of Huelva Spain
Roberts Alex City College of San Francisco United States
Roberts Craig Nanjing University China
Rodríguez-Quintero José University of Huelva Spain
Sarantsev Andrei PNPI, NRC Kurchatov Institute, Russia Russian Federation
shen chaoyang NJU China
Shi Chao NUAA China
Shirotori Kotaro RCNP, Osaka University Japan
Song Yu-kun University of Jinan China
Syritsyn Sergey Stony Brook University United States
Tang Lin NanJing University China
Trotta Richard L. The University of Virginia United States
Vossen Anselm Duke University/JLab United States
Wang Hong-Yi Nanjing University China
Wang Qun University of Science and Technology of China China
Wang Rong Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, China China
Wang Xiaobin Nankai University China
Wang Yu-Fei University of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Wu Jia-Jun University of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Wu Jing Shandong Jianzhu University China
Wu Qian NJU China
XiangYu Zeng INP-Nanjing University China
Xiao YuYang Nanjing university China
Xie Ju-Jun Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Xing Hui-Yu Nanjing University, INP China
XING ZANBIN Nankai University China
Xiong Weizhi Shandong University China
Xu Chang Nanjing University China
Xu Yehan Nankai University China
Yao Fei Beijing Normal University China
Yao Zhao-qian ECT* Italy
Ye Congcong Nanjing University China
Ye Zhihong Tsinghua University China
Yu Yang Nanjing University China
YUAN Changzheng IHEP, Beijing China
Zeng Kexin Nanjing University China
Zhang Jian-Hui Beijing Normal University China
Zhang Jin-Li Nanjing Institute of Technology China
Zhang Lei Nanjing University China
Zhang Shu-Lei Hunan University China
Zhao Qiang Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS China
Zhou Hai-Qing Southeast University China
Zhou Xiaorong University of Science and Technology of China China
Zhou Xin-Chen Nanjing University China
Zhu Ruilin Nanjing Normal University China
Zou Bing-Song Tsinghua University China