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15-19 August 2016
Shandong University, Weihai
Asia/Shanghai timezone

"International Symposium on Higgs Boson and Beyond Standard Model Physics" aims at updating our understanding of Higgs boson physics in the Standard Model & beyond, addressing the recent progress on the search for new physics at the LHC and discussing the planning for a future Higgs factory. The meeting will be held at the international lecture hall (国际报告厅), second floor of academic exchange center (学术交流中心二楼), Shandong University, Weihai, on August 15-19, 2016.The registration fee is 1500RMB covering meeting materials, lunches, banquet, coffee breaks and so on. The fee must be paid in Chinese RMB only. Please note that the credit card payment cannot be accepted. Accommodations are not included in registration and will have to be paid separately.  

Announcement 20160728

Handbook 20160814

Pick up: 

We would recommend the participants to take the flight below in order to pick up Flight from Beijing to Weihai (Dashuibo Airport) August 14th,

1、SC4882 Shandong Airlines, Beijing ( Capital International Airport T3) 13:10—>Weihai(Dashuibo Airport) 14:40

2、CA1597, Beijing ( Capital International Airport T3) 19:20—>Weihai(Dashuibo Airport) 20:50

if you need the transportation service,please contact secretary.


Starts Aug 15, 2016 08:00
Ends Aug 19, 2016 21:00
Shandong University, Weihai
The international lecture hall, 2F of the academic exchange center