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Aug 15 – 19, 2016
Shandong University, Weihai
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

131 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Ahmad Muhammad CMS
Alessandro Polini INFN Bologna
baojia tong Harvard University
BIAN Tianjian IHEP
Bingcong Gou Beijing institute of technology
Bingxuan Liu The Ohio State University
C. Wei Xu Virtumanity
Cai-Dian Lu 高能所
cheng chen University of Science and Technology of China
Cheng Li University of Science and Technology of China
chengguang zhu Shandong Univ
Chong Sheng Li School of Physics, Peking University
Chunhui Chen Iowa State University
Daneng Yang School of physics Peking Uniersity
Dengfeng Zhang Shandong University
Fa Peng Huang IHEP
fei huang Shandong University
Fei Wang Department of Physics, ZhengZhou University
Feng LYU Institute of High Energy Physics
Feng SU 高能所
Francesca Ungaro The University of Melbourne
Greg Rakness Fermi National Accelerator Lab
Guan-Nan Li Zhengzhou University
Guang Yang Jiaozuo University
Guo-Li Wang Harbin Institute of Technology
Guo-Liang Ma Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China
Haifeng Li State University of New York at Stony Brook
Haijing Zhou Henan normal university
Haijun Yang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Hitoshi Yamamoto Tohoku University
Hong-Jian HE Tsinghua University
hongsheng hou Hangzhou Normal University
Huang Huang Peking University
Huaqiao ZHANG Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)
Jianbin Chen Taiyuan University of technology
Jie Lu Shanghai University
Jinglong Pang Peking University
Jinshu Huang Nanyang Normal University
Junji Jia Wuhan University
Junquan TAO IHEP-Beijing
Lei Wang Yantai University
Li Yuan Beihang University
Liang Li Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Liang Shang Henan Normal University
Lianliang Ma Shandong University
Lin Wang ZhengZhou University
Maosen ZHOU 高能所
Marcello Fanti University of Milano and INFN
Martino Dall'Osso University of Padova
Matteo Solfaroli CERN
Mingshui CHEN Mingshui IHEP
Ning Zhou Tsinghua University
Qiang Li school of physics Peking Uniersity
qing wang Tsinghua University
Qing-Hong Cao Peking University
Qingguo Zeng Shangqiu Normal University
Qingjun XU Hangzhou Normal University
QinZhong Gu Shangqiu Normal University
Ren-You Zhang USTC
Shan Jin IHEP
Shenjian CHEN Nanjing University
SHI-YUAN LI Shandong University
Sihong zhou IHEP
SONG TAIPING Nanyang Normal University
Takanori Kono Ochanomizu University
Tao Han Univ. of Pittsburgh/Tsinghua Univ.
Tao Liu The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tao Yao Phys School Shandong University
Teruki Kamon Texas A&M University
Tianhong Wang Harbin Institute of Technology
Tongguang Cheng IHEP,CAS
wang di Lanzhou university
wang Shuaiwei Nanyang normal university
Weimin Song Shandong University
Weiming Yao IHEP
Wen Hui Zhengzhou University
Xiao Kai South-Central University for Nationalities
Xiao-Fang Han Yantai University
Xiaofeng Zhang Shandong University
Xiaokang Du Zhengzhou University
Xin Liu Department of Physics, Jiangsu Normal University
Xinghua Yang Shandong University
Xiuping Guo Jiangsu Normal University
Xuai ZHUANG Xuai 高能所
Xuan Chen Centre of High Energy Physics, Peking University
Xuan Yang Shandong University
Xuemei Jiang Logistic Engineering University of PLA
Yajun Mao Peking University
Yan-Rui Liu Shandong University
yang zhang itp,cas
Yao-Bei Liu Henan Institute of Science and Technology
Yaquan FANG Yaquan 高能所
yeliu Mo Yeliu 高能所
Ying Li Yantai University
Ying Zhang Xi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Yiwei Wang IHEP
Yongke Zhao LAL & Shandong University
YongLu Liu College of Science, National University of Defense Technology
Yu Zhang IHEP
Yuanning Gao Tsinghua University
Yufei Wang School of Physics, Peking University
Yunfeng Xue Peking University
Zhang Chuanyu Chengdu University of Technology
Zhao Li IHEP
Zhaofeng kang KIAS
Zhaoxia Heng Henan Normal University
Zhen-Hua Zhang University of South China
Zhenchao LIU IHEP
zhi-hui Wang Beifang University of nationalities
Zhijin Jiang University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
ZhongJuan Yang University of JiNan
Zongguo Si ShanDong University
Zuowei Liu Nanjing University
Institute of Theoretical Physics
俊杰 Henan Normal University
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
光华 理论物理研究所
剑波 Shandong University
存峰 山东大学
学尧 Shandong University
春园 山东大学
沈成平 SHEN Chengping 北航
雨男 山东大学
鹏程 山东大学