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CEPC Theory Group Workshop

Room 319, Library building (IHEP, CAS)

Room 319, Library building


19B Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing 100049, China
Cai-Dian Cai-Dian Lu (高能所) , Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
The CEPC theory group workshop will be held from July 11th to July 14th at IHEP CAS. The topics of this workshop will be CEPC physics, include but not limited to: Precisely measurement of the SM Higgs at CEPC; Searching for new physics at CEPC; QCD and jet physics at CEPC; Z-pole physics and flavor physics at CEPC; Electroweak physics at CEPC. There will be a session for the discussion of the CEPC CDR.
    • New Physics: I
      Convener: Hao Sun
      • 1
        Oliver Fischer: Searching heavy neutrino at CEPC
      • 2
        CP-violation in the scalar sector at CEPC
        Speaker: 毛英男(maoyingnan)
    • 3:00 PM
    • Discussion of Neutrino Physics at CEPC
      Convener: Dr Shun Zhou (高能所)
    • Higgs: I
      Convener: Dr Cen Zhang
      • 3
        Zhao Li (TBA)
        Speaker: Zhao LI Zhao (IHEP-CAS)
      • 4
        Higher order corrections to HZ and H+gamma production at CEPC
        Speaker: Dr Yu Jia (IHEP)
    • 10:00 AM
    • Higgs: II
      Convener: HAO ZHANG Hao (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
      • 5
        Jiayin Gu: Higgs EFT
        Speaker: Dr Jiayin Gu (CFHEP, IHEP)
      • 6
        Probe 6D Higgs Operators at Future e+e- Colliders
        Speaker: Sze-Ching LEUNG
      • 7
        Electroweak phase transition physics from CEPC to gravitational wave
        Speaker: Dr Fapeng Huang
    • Higgs: III
      Convener: Prof. Yaquan FANG Yaquan (高能所)
      • 8
        EFT interpretation with Higgs combination analysis
        Speaker: Dr Jin Wang (Insistitute of High Energy Physics)
      • 9
        Higgs combination toward CEPC
        Speaker: Mr Kaili Zhang (Nankai University)
      • 10
        Manqi Ruan
        Speaker: Mr Manqi Ruan (IHEP)
    • 3:00 PM
      Coffee break
    • Joint discussion: Higgs analysis
      Convener: Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
    • Flavor
      Convener: Yan-Qing Ma (Peking University)
      • 11
        O(α3αs) Study on the yields and polarizations of J/ψ(Υ) within the frameworkof non-relativistic QCD via γγ → J/ψ(Υ) + γ + X at CEPC
        Speaker: Zhan Sun
      • 12
        Lepton Flavor Violations at CEPC
        Speaker: Mr FuSheng Yu (IHEP)
    • 10:00 AM
    • QCD and Z-pole physics
      Convener: Mr FuSheng Yu (IHEP)
      • 13
        QCD: I
        Speaker: Dr HuaXing Zhu (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
      • 14
        QCD: II
        Speaker: Ian Moult
      • 15
        Testing Light, Hidden New Physics at Future e+ e- Colliders
        Speaker: Xiaoping Wang
      • 16
        Future Z factory as an intensity frontier for exploring dark sector
        Speaker: Dr jia liu (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Peking University)
    • Electroweak Precision
      Convener: Dr HuaXing Zhu (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
      • 17
        A short introduction to automatic monte calro tools up to NLO or higher for e+e- colliders
        Speaker: Mr 昊 孙 (大连理工大学)
      • 18
        Z-pole electroweak precision
        Speaker: Fulvio Piccinini
      • 19
        Zhijun Liang: EW physics at CEPC
        Speaker: Prof. Zhijun Liang (IHEP)
      • 20
        Model-independent determination of Higgs (self-)couplings at e+e- colliders
        Speaker: Junping Tian
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee break
    • Discussion of Electroweak and Z-pole Physics
      Convener: Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
    • New Physics: II
      Convener: Prof. Tao Liu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
      • 21
        Probing new physics at future lepton colliders through EFT
        Speaker: Kepan Xie
      • 22
        Implication of Higgs Precision Measurements on New Physics Models
        Speaker: Honglei LI (University of Jinan)
      • 23
        Dark matter physics at CEPC
        Speaker: Dr Pengfei Yin (IHEP)
      • 24
        CP violation in Higgs couplings to taus at CEPC
        Speaker: Dr Felix Yu
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee break
    • Experiment and Simulation: Simulation
      Convener: Zhao LI Zhao (IHEP-CAS)
      • 25
        Higgs to ee/mumu, and ISR effect with MadGraph
        Speaker: Qiang Li (School of physics, Peking University)
      • 26
        Gang Li: Fast simulation and Delphes card
        Speaker: Dr Gang LI (Experimental Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics)
    • Summary
      Convener: Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
      • 27
        Speaker: Prof. Tao Han (Univ. of Pittsburgh & TsingHua University)
      • 28
        Speaker: Prof. Nima Arkani-Hamed
    • 3:10 PM
      Coffee break
    • CDR Discussion
      Convener: Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
      • 29
        Speaker: Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)