Mini-workshop on precision physics and future colliders

Room 319 (CFHEP Theory Division)

Room 319

CFHEP Theory Division


Precision measurements at the second and high-luminosity runs of the Large Hadron Collider and possible future electron-position colliders can help us to build up the roadmap towards TeV new phenomena and make new discoveries. To achieve these physics goals, dedicated Monte Carlo tools based on precision calculations are indispensable for signal/background simulation, for detector design, and for data analysis as well.

We will organize a one-day mini-workshop on 14th October, 2019, at the IHEP, Theory Division, room 319, to bring together experts of precision physics and collider phenomenology, and to discuss recent developments of precision particle phenomenology, both within the Standard Model and beyond, and in particular those relevant for future colliders.

No registration fee is needed. Interested people are welcome to join.

Registration deadline: Oct. 10th 2019. 

Confirmed speakers are as follows:

Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE / Sorbonne Université)
Hua-Sheng Shao (LPTHE / Sorbonne Université)
Gauthier Durieux (Technion)
Zhuoni Qian (IBS Daejeon)
Yan-Qing Ma (Peking University)
Xiaohui Liu (Beijing Normal University)
Feng Feng (CUMT)
Zhao Li (IHEP)
Zhijie Zhao (IHEP/CFHEP)
Michael Ramsey-Musolf (TDLI/SJTU)

  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Cen Zhang
  • Feng Feng
  • Gao Linqing
  • Gauthier Durieux
  • Hongbo LIAO Hongbo
  • Hua-Sheng Shao
  • Hui Luo
  • Jia-Yue ZHANG
  • kangyu chai
  • Michael Ramsey-Musolf
  • ning chen
  • Ran Ding
  • Xiaohui Liu
  • Yan-Qing Ma
  • Yu Gao
  • Yu-Jie Zhang
  • Zhao Li
  • Zhijie Zhao
  • Zhuoni Qian